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Acton Memorial Library will be CLOSED on Sunday, May 26, for carpet cleaning and Monday, May 27, for Memorial Day. The library will reopen at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, May 28.

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Acton Memorial Library

Organizations using the lobby or Solarium for food sales or the sale of small items must:

  1. Be a non-profit organization serving the Acton area
  2. Have the approval of the library director
  3. Book the space in advance
  4. Limit the frequency of the sales at the library to once every two months
  5. Do their own publicity
  6. Have an adult present at the sale at all times
  7. Provide their own table covering if needed
  8. Provide their own cash box and change
  9. Keep the library-provided table and chairs positioned in a way that does not block access to the entrance, the Children’s Room, or the Solarium
  10. Plan their start time enough after the library’s opening to allow time for set-up
  11. Clean up the area following the sale
  12. Be ready to leave 15 minutes before the library closing time
  13. If food is being sold, obtain a temporary food service permit from the Acton Board of Health (application fees are waived for all non-profit bake sales; allow two weeks to obtain the permit)
  14. If food is being sold, label any foods containing nuts and keep them apart from other foods.