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The Friends of Pine Hawk began as an ad-hoc group of Acton citizens, town officials, and educators who came together in the summer of 2002 around one issue: to promote understanding of the archaeological and human story behind the great trove of Native American artifacts discovered at the "Pine Hawk" site in Acton. During the excavation for Acton's new sewer plant in South Acton, an extraordinary record of Native American habitation was uncovered, a record extending back over 7,000 years.  Acton is fortunate to have this site, which is now recognized as one of the more significant Native American sites in New England.

In the decades since, the Friends of Pine Hawk have evolved to a more regional organization, as our area has a bounteous Native American history – along with its celebrated Colonial era riches – and is still home to many distinctive Native American stone structures.  We believe a deeper appreciation of this remarkable history enriches our community educationally and culturally.  


Every October the Friends of Pine Hawk sponsor a Fall Program series of events related to local archaeology and Native American topics. These events range from seminars and films to tours and family outings. And this spring there are also two special events at the Acton Memorial Library on May 11 and May 24. Please click HERE for details and to register.

The Friends also sponsor a year round Book Discussion Series, plan regular Community Service Events at the Trail Though Time in North Acton, and in 2022 created a new Friends of Pine Hawk web site at

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 The Friends of Pine Hawk welcome similarly interested volunteers.  To find out more, please contact Sydney Blackwell at sydney.blackwell (at) or Bob Ferrara at rferrara (at) 



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