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Book Sales

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Donating Books

The Friends are grateful to everyone who donates books.

Books may be donated at any time the library is open. We welcome all books in good condition, and we especially love to get good-quality children's books.

If something is torn, moldy, or marked up heavily we do not resell it. We also cannot resell, and so no longer accept, magazines, videotapes or cassette tapes.

If you plan on donating books, please understand that we cannot guarantee the destination or use of that book. Some people donate to us thinking their donation will end up on the Library shelves.  Occasionally, that does happen. The staff checks most donations to see whether they contain a book that the library might wish to purchase, replace, or own additional copies of. But patrons cannot earmark donations for the Library.

Also, we cannot accept books on the day of the sale because we screen, sort, and evaluate donations, all of which requires more time, thought, and effort than we can afford to give them on sale days.

All donations to the Friends of the Acton Libraries are deductible to the extent permitted by law. Copies of our exemption letter, our exemption application, and all supporting documents are available for public inspection at the Acton Memorial Library.


The Friends of the Acton Libraries is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the support of Acton's libraries. Though the bulk of our support goes to the Acton Memorial Library, the Friends also give annual gifts to all the other libraries in town: the high school and junior high libraries, the five elementary school libraries, and the West Acton Citizen's library. The Friends also present scholarships each year to deserving high school seniors.


The Friends of the Acton Libraries came into existence in 1962, when Acton resident Margaret Richter, working with just a few other energetic and forward-thinking women, formed the group. Then, as now, it consisted of a small group of hard-working board members who were determined to make a difference in the libraries in our town.

Officers and Board Members

Paula Walsh — Co-Chair
James Fox — Co-Chair
Deena Ferrara — Vice-Chair
Pat Clifford — Treasurer
Stephanie Oliver - Clerk
Jeff Brown
Joe Derie
Carol Domblewski
Gary Groose
Maureen Jones
Ellen Krueger
Karen Rivero

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