The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated June 29, 1865 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass. , to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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                                    South Acton   June 29 1865

            Jones  I thought I would answer your letter
that I got this morning I was glad to hear
from you and to hear that you was well  and
how do you like out there are you mounted
on horses yet dont be discouraged for I think
you will be at home before winter set in
Mrs Aaron C Handley is dead she died a
Saturday night and her youngest girl Carrie
died Monday Morning and both were buried together
diphthera on Tuesday at two o’clock  Aaron feel bad
Mr Chaplin has got kick with a stud horse
and broke three ribs  he is hurt badly
he is  to Mr Dow is was done at Mr Dow
Mr Ezekiel Brown is a most gone with cholic
Silas Blodget had the dipthera some time ago
and now they dont think he will live long
he is sick a bad cough no appetite and very weak
Jonathan and Solon catch a turtle yesterday
it weight 30 pounds  they catch in the
brook in finer meadow it was first rate


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Jonathan went to Lowell the 17 of June
he had a first rate time  Murray got home
10 of June  Eliza and Murray are down to
Hersina and Martha  now we expect Martha
up soon as berries are ripe  Eliza and Murray
are a going to Philadelphia after the 4th July
to see his brothers there  Martha Putnam and
Mary Rand have been out to see Kindall
Swift and they was gone amost three weeks
they had a good time they went round
some  Swift told Martha that he was a
coming home this winter to stay long enough
to make a party of thirty days and night
and Martha was ask for one  Swift was well
we began haying yesterday this piece before the
house and mowed a little  I dont think but
what we shall get along if you dont come home
but I hope you will soon so as to pick
your apples there is more on that tree than
any other tree on place this year any how
you must excuse blots for I tip my ink
over Jones


[p. 3]
Jonathan got that book  he was pleased
he has studied it a good deal he can do some
of them tricks  Jonathan say he will right
after haying for his hand tremble a mowing
he went to the writing School of twelve night
and he can write well now and he shall
write to you  I went to Aunt Hepsa yesterday
they are well they ask if had heard from you
I told them no  Mary Blodget want to know
where Ezekiel Symes is  she say she has not
heard from him this long time  she think he coming
home to fetch the news himself  Chatman told
all who they was that wrote to them and what there
names was wrote letters
I have ten turkey and thirty one chickens
be at home at watermelon time  we planted
fifty hills of watermelon and thirty hills of musmelon
corn and potatoes look first rate
I cant write any more this time for I must
get supper  write all the news for father
wants to know if you are mounted we
heard so in George Knight letter
I think you will come home soon  Mother