Civil War Records of Silas P. Blodgett

Silas Blodgett, courtesy of Herbert Blodgett


Co. Regiment / Ship From To Residence/ Credit Occupation Notes
E (Davis Guards) 6th MVI
(3 months)
3d Lieut.; comm. Aug. 4, 1860; must. April 22, 1861 must. out Aug. 2, 1861 Acton   age 25
E 26th MVI

2d Lieut.; comm. Aug. 31, 1861; must. Oct. 18, 1861; comm. 1st Lieut., Nov. 12, 1862; must. Jan. 23, 1863 to date Nov. 12, 1862; re-must. Jan. 1, 1864

must. out Nov. 7, 1864 Acton blacksmith  
MASSCW, 1:381, 3:86

Service Record (select pages from the National Archives): x
Service Ledger (Town of Acton): x


Co. Regiment Date Filed Type App. No. Cert. No. State Beneficiary/Remarks
E 6th MVI
April 23, 1891 Invalid 1 015 379 759 899 Mass.  
E 26th MVI

Pension File (select pages from the National Archives):  4 pages (PDF*)

Grand Army of the Republic

Timothy Ingraham Post No. 121, Hyde Park, Massachusetts, chartered March 22, 1870 (Sargent, Grand Army of the Republic, p. 398)


Date February 11, 1909
Place Hyde Park, Mass.
Age 73
Cause typhoid fever
Survived by  

Additional Information

Silas Blodgett was born in Concord in 1836. His family moved to Acton when he was young and he attended Acton schools. He was commissioned as a 3rd Lieutenant in Captain Tuttle’s company and took part in the march through Baltimore. He enlisted in the 26th Regiment, serving in the battles at Winchester, Fisher’s Hill, and Cedar Creek. During his military service he attained the rank of 1st Lieutenant, and commanded the company when its leader, Captain William H. Chapman, was wounded and on leave for three months. After returning from service, he lived in Acton working as a blacksmith. In 1868, he moved to Hyde Park, Massachusetts, working as postmaster for many years. He was a charter member of that community’s G.A.R. Post and served as its commander. He died in Hyde Park on February 11, 1909 from typhoid fever at the age of 73.   (Text and photographic portrait above courtesy of Herbert Blodgett)


Silas Piper Blodget, a 19 year old blacksmith, is recorded in the 1855 Massachusetts State Census for Acton, in household (dwelling no. 148) of Jonas Blodget   (Lainhart, 1855 and 1865 Massachusetts State Censuses for Acton: 21.)

Silas P. Blodgett, age 24, is recorded as an inhabitant of Acton in the 1860 federal census, in household (dwelling no. 117) with Jonas Blodgett, age 49, a blacksmith, and Fanny Blodgett, age 52  ("1860 United States Federal Census,"

Silas Piper Blodget, a 29 year old blacksmith, is recorded in the 1865 Massachusetts State Census for Acton, in household with Anna Elizabeth Blodget (dwelling no. 6) (Lainhart, 1855 and 1865 Massachusetts State Censuses for Acton: 43.)

Name included on the Acton Memorial Library Soldiers' Tablet, "The Men of Acton Who Fought For The Union."


See also:

Hosmer, The Town of Acton in the Civil War: 37, 40.


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