Gravestone of Thomas and Francis Kinsley, Woodlawn Cemetery, Acton, Mass.

Cemetery Records

Civil War soldiers and sailors buried in
Mt. Hope and Woodlawn Cemeteries,
Acton, Massachusetts



Adams, Daniel H. Mt. Hope
Allen, George W. Woodlawn
Allen, Nathanial M. Woodlawn
Ames, George T. Woodlawn
Anderson, Francis Forest
Badger, Charles H. Woodlawn
Barker, Cyrus E. Woodlawn
Barker, Eben Woodlawn
Barker, Frank J. Woodlawn
Barnard, Andrew J Woodlawn
Barr, James C. Woodlawn
Beddoe, T. Warren Mt. Hope
Blood, Charles H. Mt. Hope
Briggs, Daniel R. Woodlawn
Brooks, Charles A. Mt. Hope
Brown, Albert B. Mt. Hope
Brown, Josiah G. Woodlawn
Burroughs, Samuel R. Mt. Hope
Butters, Hiram Woodlawn
Chaplin, Waldo Mt. Hope
Chaplin, William, Jr. Mt. Hope
Chapman, William H. Woodlawn
Charles, Asa, G. Mt. Hope
Clare, James P. Mt. Hope
Clark, Charles H. Mt. Hope
Clark, Herbert T. Mt. Hope
Clark, John Mt. Hope
Clough, Lewis V. Mt. Hope
Dane, Richard G. Woodlawn 
Davis, Charles L.[S.] Woodlawn
Davidson, Edward A. Mt. Hope
Dow, Edmund Woodlawn
Dunn, Waldo G. Woodlawn
Dusseault, Adolphus Woodlawn
Farrar, Abel Woodlawn
Farrar, Daniel H. Woodlawn
Faulkner, Winthrop H. Woodlawn
Fiske, James W. Woodlawn
Fletcher, Aaron Jones Mt. Hope
Fletcher, Aaron S. Woodlawn
Fletcher, John H. Mt. Hope
Forbush, Ephraim B. Woodlawn
Ford, Isaac S. Woodlawn
George, Pliny M. Mt. Hope
Gibbs, Harry F. Mt. Hope
Guilford, Samuel A. Mt. Hope
Hall, Eugene L. Mt. Hope
Hall, Delette H.  Mt. Hope
Handley, Aaron C. Woodlawn
Handley, Abram Woodlawn
Handley, Frank Woodlawn
Handley, George Woodlawn
Handley, William S. Woodlawn
Hanscom, Charles A. Woodlawn
Hapgood, Henry Mt. Hope
Harris, Frank E. Woodlawn
Harris, John S. Woodlawn
Hart, Arthur Alonzo Mt. Hope 
Hayward, Franklin Mt. Hope
Hesselton, Lucius A. Mt. Hope
Hoar, Forestus D. K.  Mt. Hope
Hoar, John Sherman Mt. Hope
Holbrook, Calvin N. Mt. Hope
Holden, Walter O.  Mt. Hope
Hollowell, William T. Woodlawn
Holton, Charles H. Mt. Hope
Hosmer, Augustus W. Mt. Hope
Hosmer, Lucius S. Mt. Hope
Huggins, Eri Mt. Hope
Huggins, John C. Mt. Hope
Huggins, Adoniram Judson Mt. Hope
Hutchins, Isaiah Mt. Hope
Hutchinson, Francis Forest
Johnson, Nathan Woodlawn
Jones, George A. Woodlawn 
Kelley, John M. Mt. Hope
Kingsley/Kinsley, Francis Woodlawn
Kingsley/Kinsley, Thomas Woodlawn
Knapp, Francis Mt. Hope
Knapp, George W. Mt. Hope
Knights, George W.  Mt. Hope
Knowlton, Franklin R. Mt. Hope
Knowlton, George W. Mt. Hope
Leach, Isaiah S. Mt. Hope
Little, Charles Woodlawn
Littlefield, Waldo Mt. Hope
Loker, Jonathan White Woodlawn
Loker, William H. Woodlawn
McDonald, Albert Soule Mt. Hope
Moulton, Albert Mt. Hope
Moulton, Charles H. Woodlawn
Moulton, James Woodlawn
Norris, Frederick A. Mt. Hope
Parker, Charles Wesley Mt. Hope
Parker, George B. Mt. Hope
Parlin, Henry D. Woodlawn
Parsons, Frank G. Woodlawn 
Peck, George E. Mt. Hope
Pickard, Cyrus Woodlawn
Pickard, Isaiah L. Woodlawn
Pike, George M. Woodlawn
Pond, William H. Woodlawn
Preston, Herbert E. Mt. Hope
Preston, Oscar E. Mt. Hope
Putnam, John Mt. Hope
Rand, George W. Woodlawn
Reed, William  Woodlawn
Reed, William B. Woodlawn 
Richardson, Austin A. Mt. Hope
Richardson, James E. Mt. Hope
Robbins, Elbridge J., Jr. Woodlawn
Robbins, Joseph N.  Mt. Hope
Robbins, Luke J. Woodlawn
Robbins, Varnum F. Mt. Hope
Rouillard, George Woodlawn
Sawyer, Andrew J. Woodlawn
Sawyer, George W. Woodlawn
Sawyer, Thomas J. Mt. Hope
Severance, Augustus Woodlawn
Shattuck, Benjamin F. Woodlawn
Smith, Luke Woodlawn
Stockwell, Cyrus H. Mt. Hope
Sumner, Alson R. Mt. Hope
Tarbell, Edwin Woodlawn
Towne, George L. Mt. Hope
Truette, Joseph Woodlawn
Tuttle, Daniel Woodlawn
Wayne, John Woodlawn 
Wayne, Robert Woodlawn
Wetherbee, Hiram W. Woodlawn
Wheeler, Addison B. Woodlawn 
Wheeler, Lincoln E. Woodlawn
Wheeler, Mason Woodlawn
Whitcomb, Frank H. Mt. Hope
Willard, Henry L. Mt. Hope
Willis, Edward H. Woodlawn
Willis, William Mt. Hope
Wood, Eben F. Mt. Hope
Wood, James Henry Mt. Hope
Wright, James M. Woodlawn
Wright, Marshall E. Mt. Hope



Photographs courtesy Robbie Allen.

See also: Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, National Graves Registration Database.