Willian Allan Wilde, courtesy Massachusetts State ArchivesThe Acton Memorial Library
Soldiers' Memorial Tablets

In 1889, William Allan Wilde, Acton native son and successful Boston publisher, wanted to give something back to his home town. Following the example of Andrew Carnegie, he offered to build a public library. Wilde declined to have the building bear his name because he wanted it to be a memorial to the men of Acton who had served or died in the Civil War. The Acton Memorial Library was dedicated on May 24, 1890 and opened to the public on June 14.

The brick and brownstone building was designed by Boston architects Henry Walker Hartwell and William Cummings Richardson. The arched entryway featured two memorial tablets. One gave the names of Acton men who had served, and the other listed the names of those who had given their lives for the Union cause. The interior consisted of two large rooms and a smaller room for the trustees. An elaborate fireplace was the focus of the reading room. In the other large room, behind a gated screen, were the books to be checked out by the librarian. The structure cost $30,000, an enormous sum at the time.

As the years passed, many veterans and their families donated items from their military life to the library's collection in hope they could be displayed. A permanent exhibit, “Not Afraid to Go: Acton’s Part in the Birth and Preservation of Our Nation,” was dedicated on Patriots Day, April 19, 2008.

Portrait of William Allan Wilde, left, courtesy Massachusetts State Archives, http://archives.lib.state.ma.us/handle/2452/209409


Letter from William A. Wilde to the Selectmen of Acton, dated February 27, 1890, offering the gift of the library to the Town (Acton Town records on Microfilm, Film 15, image 201, Acton Memorial Library).

Letter from W.A. Wilde to "Friend [Luther] Conant", dated March 29, 1889, on W.A. Wilde and Company letterhead, stating his intention that the Memorial Library building be dedicated to those who fought in the Civil War. Page 1 | Page 2 (images courtesy Brewster Conant).



The Soldiers' Tablets

"Our Honored Dead"

"The Men of Acton Who Fought for the Union"



Interior of the Acton Memorial Library, 1890 (2 views)


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