Acton Memorial Library and Soldiers' Tablets

William A. Wilde's Gift of the Library and Response of Acton Town Meeting

Concord Enterprise, March 14, 1890


The Acton Memorial Library

MALDEN, Feb. 27, 1890

To the Selectmen of Acton,
    GENTLEMEN:—For a long time past, it has been my intention, if ever I was able to do so, to remember my native town by the gift of some memorial to the memory of those brave and patriotic men of Acton, who so freely gave time, strength and health and many of them their lives in the war of the Rebellion 1861-65.
    To carry out this plan in what seemed to me the most advantageous and permanent method possible, I have purchased the estate of Rev. James Fletcher adjacent to the town house and erected thereon a memorial library placing upon its shelves some four thousand volumes more or less and I beg the privilege of presenting this property to the town as a free gift only stipulating that it shall forever be kept as a memorial library and free to all the citizens of the patriotic old town of Acton which I shall always be proud of.
    If it shall please the town to accept this gift I shall be glad to pass all necessary papers for the transfer of the property to whom and at such time as the town shall direct. I am, gentlemen,

Yours truly,                

   The above letter was read at the town meeting last Monday. In response to this letter, the town, by a unanimous vote passed some fitting resolutions of acceptance and of thanks drawn up and presented by Rev. James Fletcher. In these resolutions the town tenders to Mr. Wilde, his companion and children, our best wishes for their happiness and our prayer that the donation in which they each have a share, may contribute to their mutual and lasting enjoyment.
    The selectmen and trustees were constituted a committee to arrange for suitable dedicatory services on the 19th inst. The following named persons were chosen trustees.
    Wm. D. Tuttle town clerk for 3 years.
    Rev. James Fletcher, chairman of school committee for 2 years.
    Howard B. White, chairman of board of selectmen for 1 year.