Twenty-Sixth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
Three Years' (Re-enlisted)


Acton men who served in Company E, 26th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (*=resident of Acton):

Barrett, Frederick *

Battles, Edward L.* (disabled)

Blodgett, Silas P. *

Blood, John F., 2nd. *

Brant, James

Brooks, Charles A. *

Brown, Henry *

Brown, John A. (died of wounds)

Burroughs, Samuel R. *

Callam/Callan, Patrick * (wounded)

Casey, Richard *

Cass, John H.

Chapman, William H., Captain * (wounded)

Cram, George B.

Cram, John B. (wounded)

Fasser, Joseph * (deserted)

Fink, John C. *

Fiske, James W. *

Fletcher, Aaron J. *

Fletcher, Charles W. *

Fletcher, John H. (killed)

Flood, George (prisoner)

Goss, Nathan *

Hall, Delette H. *

Hall, Eugene L. *(killed)

Handley, Abram

Handley, Frank (died)

Handley, George (disabled)

Handley, William S. *

Haynes, Elias E.

Haynes, John N.

Hess, Richard C. * (deserted)

Hosmer, Gilman S. * (wounded)

Howard, John A. *

Hutchins, Freeman

Jackson, Loring W. [M.]*

Kinsley, Frank * (died of disease)

Kinsley, Thomas, Jr. * (died of disease)

Kirk, David *

Lamphere, Albion J.

Lazell, Henry W. * (died of disease)

Lentell, James R. * (died of disease)

Loker, Jonathan W. * (discharged disabled, died at home)

Loker, William H. * (disabled)

Lothrop, Emery D. *

McGuire, Charles * (wounded)

McKinney, Matthew * (died of disease)

Monroe/Munroe, James (disch. disabled)

Moore, Patrick G. (discharged for wounds)

Morin, Joseph

Morse, Charles *

Moulton, James *

Nelson, Darius H.C. (died of disease)

Pickard, Cyrus P.

Powers, Michael *

Putnam, John *

Reed, George A.

Reed, William B.* (died of disease)

Robbins, Luke J.*

Roselle, Henry * (deserted)

Sawyer, George W.* (prisoner)

Schafer, George A.*

Sheehan, Dennis *

Shehan, Timothy *

Skinner, Benjamin *

Smith, Ephraim A. (disabled)

Smith, John *

Smith, Luke * (disabled)

Stevens, Francis H.

Stromier, Frederick * (wounded)

Taft, Edwin B. *

Tarbell, Edwin *

Taylor, Daniel G. * (disabled)

Taylor, Simeon O. *

Teele, Warren L. * (wounded)

Wayne, John *

Wheeler, Addison B. *

Wheeler, Everett *

Wheeler, Lincoln E.

Wheeler, Mason

Wheeler, Warren R. * (died of disease)

White, John H.P. * (died of disease)

Whitney, William F.B. *

Wilder, Granville S. (disabled)

Wilder, Henry W. (died of wounds)

Wood, James H. *

Wood, William F. *

Wright, Thomas * (deserted)


Acton men who served in other companies  (*= resident of Acton)

Brown, Albert B., Co. B

Brown, Emory J. *, Co. K (disabled)

Clough, Lewis V., Co. I (wounded)

Dane, Richard G., Co. F/A

Fitzpatrick, John W *, Co. I

Gray, William H. *, Hospital Steward

Hosmer, Augustus W. *, band (died while on furlough)

Huggins, Adoniram Judson, Co. A

Huggins, Eri *, Co. A (died of disease)

Meagher, John, Co I/B

Miner, Marvin *, Co I (died of disease)

Stetson, Silas M. *, band

Wetherbee, Hiram W. *, Co. I (wounded)


Twenty-Sixth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, history and roster (PDF) extracted from: Massachusetts Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines in the Civil War. Compiled and Published by the Adjutant General in Accordance with Chapter 475, Acts of 1899 and Chapter 64, Resolves of 1930. Norwood, Mass.: 1931-1937. Pages 61-119.  Full digital copy online at the Internet Archive,

The 26th Regt. Mass. Vol. Inf. was recruited largely by Col. Edward F. Jones, formerly commander of the 6th Regt. 3 Months. The nucleus of the 26th first assembled at Camp Cameron in North Cambridge, and was known as the 6th Regiment, many of its officers and men having served in the old 6th above mentioned. On Sept. 23, 1861, the regiment was transferred to Camp Chase, Lowell, where it completed its organization as the 26th Regiment. The men were mustered in on various dates during September and October. Ordered to report to Gen, Butler, the regiment embarked at Boston, Nov. 19, and on Dec. 3 reached Ship Island in the Gulf of Mexico, where Gen. Butler's forces were being assembled for a movement on New Orleans. Here the regiment remained until the middle of April, 1862, being assigned to Williams' (2d) Division.

During the last of April, after Farragut's fleet had opened the lower Mississippi, the 26th occupied Forts Jackson and St. Philip. Early in July the regiment moved up to the city of New Orleans, where it remained doing guard and provost duty until the beginning of the following summer. During the winter of 1862-63 the 19th Corps was formed, the 26th Regt. becoming a part of the 2d Brigade, 2d Division.

The first combat service of the 26th Regt. was at La Fourche Crossing, sixty miles west of New Orleans, where the Confederates were making a movement toward Brashear City. Here five companies of the 26th were attacked, June 21, 1863, by a force under Gen. Taylor. The assailants were repulsed with severe loss. The 26th lost 5 killed and mortally wounded and 8 wounded, not mortally. Returning to New Orleans on July 15, it remained there until August 28, when it moved to Baton Rouge to join an expedition against Sabine Pass.

The expedition was not a success, and by the middle of September the 26th was back at New Orleans. Later in the fall it proceeded again up past La Fourche Crossing, through Brashear City and on to Fort Bisland, at which latter place it rested until Oct. 3. Thence it marched to Opelousas, where it remained until Nov. 1, when it started back, arriving at New Iberia, Nov. 17, where it remained until the close of the year. Early in January, 1864, the regiment moved to Franklin, where, during January and February, 546 men, nearly two thirds of the regiment, reenlisted for three years. These men were sent home on the 22d of March and were furloughed until the 4th of May, returning to New Orleans, May 20. After several unimportant transfers, on July 10 it embarked for Bermuda Hundred, Va., arriving July 21. Transferred to Tennallytown near Washington, it became a part of Birge's (1st) Brigade, Grover's (2d) Division, Emory's (19th) Corps.

About the middle of August the regiment moved into the Shenandoah Valley, advanced to Berryville the 16th, then retired to Charlestown and to Halltown. Advancing again, on September 19 it was heavily engaged at Winchester, Va., losing 46 in killed and mortally wounded, including Captain Thayer and Major Clark. This was the regiment's heaviest loss in any one action.

After pursuing the enemy to Mount Jackson beyond Harrisonburg, Va., the 26th returned to Cedar Creek. Here just prior to the battle of October 10, the members who had not re-enlisted were sent home for muster out. On the 19th of October the 26th, now reduced to a battalion of five companies, shared in the battle of Cedar Creek, losing 30 officers and men, of whom 4 were killed or mortally wounded.

On October 26, while on duty guarding a forage train, Lieut. McQuestion and 45 men were surprised and captured by Confederate cavalry near Newtown, Va.

The regiment remained in or near Winchester, Va., until May, 1865, when it was sent to Washington and thence to Savannah, Ga., where it arrived June 8. It remained at Savannah until August 26, 1865, when it was mustered out of the service. On September 12 it took transport for Boston, and at Galloup's Island, Boston Harbor, Sept. 18, 1865, it received its final payment and discharge.


Regimental history from A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, by Frederick Dyer:

       Organized at Camp Cameron, Cambridge, August 28, 1861. Moved to Camp Chase, Lowell, September 23, and to Boston November 19. Sailed on Steamer "Constitution" to Ship Island, Miss., November 21, arriving there December 3. Duty at Ship Island until April 15, 1862. Attached to Ship Island Expedition to March, 1862. 2nd Brigade, Dept. of the Gulf, to October, 1862. Defenses of New Orleans, Dept. of the Gulf, to January, 1863. 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 19th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to July, 1863. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 19th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to February, 1864. 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 19th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to June, 1864. 1st Brigade, 2nd Division, 19th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to July, 1864, and Army of the Shenandoah, Middle Military Division, to January, 1865. 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 19th Army Corps, Army of the Shenandoah, to April, 1865. 2nd Brigade, 1st Provisional Division, Army of the Shenandoah, to April, 1865. 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Dept. of Washington, 22nd Army Corps, to June, 1865. Dept. of the South to August, 1865.

    SERVICE--Occupation of Ship Island, Miss., December 3, 1861, to April 15, 1862. Skirmish at Mississippi City March 8, 1862. Movement to the passes of the Mississippi River April 15-18. Operations against Forts St. Phillip and Jackson April 18-28. Occupation of Forts St. Phillip and Jackson April 28 to July --. Moved to New Orleans, La., and duty there until June 20, 1863. Expedition to Pass Manchac and Ponchatoula September 13-15, 1862 (1 Co.). Ponchatoula September 14-15 (1 Co.). Moved to LaFourche Crossing June 20, 1863. Action at LaFourche Crossing, Thibodeaux, June 20-21. Moved to Bontee Station June 26, and to Jefferson Station June 30. Moved to New Orleans July 15, and Provost duty there until August 28. Moved to Baton Rouge August 28-29. Sabine Pass Texas Expedition, September 4-11. At Algiers until September 16. Moved to Brashear City and Berwick City September 16, and to Camp Bisland September 23. Western Louisiana "Teche" Campaign October 3-November 30. At New Iberia until January 7, 1864. Moved to Franklin January 7-9 and duty there until February 24. Moved to New Orleans February 24-25 and duty there until March 22. (Veterans on leave March 22 to May 20.) Camp at Carrollton until June 8. Moved to Morganza June 8 and duty there until July 3. Moved to New Orleans July 3-4, thence to Fortress Monroe and Bermuda Hundred, Va., July 11-21. On the Bermuda Hundred front July 22-28. Demonstration on north side of the James July 28-30. Deep Bottom July 28-29. Moved to Washington, D.C., July 30-August 1; thence to Tennallytown August 1. Sheridan's Shenandoah Valley Campaign August to December. Battle of Opequan, Winchester, September 19. Fisher's Hill September 22. Battle of Cedar Creek October 19. Non-Veterans left front October 19 and mustered out November 7, 1864. Provost duty at Headquarters of Middle Military Division and Army of the Shenandoah at Winchester, until May 1, 1865. Moved to Washington, D.C., May 1-2, and camp there until June 3. Moved to Savannah, Ga., June 3-7, and Provost duty there until August 2. Mustered out August 26, 1865. Moved to Boston, Mass., September 12-18, and there discharged from service.

    Regiment lost during service 3 Officers and 61 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 3 Officers and 182 Enlisted men by disease. Total 249.


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Bounty dispute

In 1882 the state legislature passed legislation that allowed the Town of Acton to pay $125 bounties to veterans of the Mass. 26th Regiment who re-enlisted in 1863 (Acts and Resolves, General and Special, of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1882, Chapter 93). For more on the 1882 Acton "bounty fight", see Phalen, History of the Town of Acton, pp. 227-233.

The 1882 act was declared unconstitutional in 1885 by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (Mead v. Acton, 139 Mass. 341), but the veterans' advocates did not give up. On June 16, 1887, the legislature passed a Resolve (Resolve in Favor of Unpaid Veterans of the Town of Acton, Acts and Resolves Passed by the General Court of Massachusetts in the Year 1887, Chap. 106) that allowed payment to each of 31 soldiers or their legal heirs out of the state treasury.

Related documents:

Copy of the Tabulated Record of Men who Re-enlisted in the 26th Mass. Vols. about Jan. 1, 1865, and were credited on Acton's quota, none of which have received a Town bounty. Broadside, approx. 11.25x13 in., document image courtesy Brewster Conant. (jpeg, 1 MB)

1882:  "Soldiers Bounties! Shall Acton Pay Her Re-Enlisted Men or Not? The hearing in full before the Legislative Committee on Military Affairs at Room 14, State House, Boston, January 26, 1882." Acton Patriot Supplement [n.d.]. Newspaper sheet. Transcript of a hearing to consider "A Petition of the Town of Acton for Authority to Pay Certain Bounties." Includes testimony of several Acton Civil War veterans on the role of town bounties in recruiting re-enlistments. Transcription (PDF, 772 KB) | Newspaper side 1 (jpeg, 1.88 MB) | Newspaper side 2 (jpeg, 1.93 MB), document images courtesy of Brewster Conant.

1885:  MEAD and others, Petitioners, v. Inhabitants of ACTON and others (139 Mass. 341), filed May, 1885.

1887:  Resolve in Favor of Unpaid Veterans of the Town of Acton, Acts and Resolves Passed by the General Court of Massachusetts in the Year 1887, Chap. 106.

1887:  "Jubilation in Acton, Celebration in Honor of the Passage of the "Bounty Bill." The Boston Globe, June 30, 1887.