The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated April 28, 1865 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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                                    South Acton   May 28 1865

            I got your Letter yesterday and found it had
been opened by some one I think by Lucy Fletcher
dont put LLF on any more but put the
whole of one of others name on no matter which
we are all well and I hope you are well
we finish planting Friday we planted all
Swift orchard on the right of the barns potatoes
on the left corn and two rows of potatoes  that all
in the back pasture oats corn and potatoes
I have got Eleven turkey’s and over twenty chicken,
and two more hens to hatch.  I have not had a
Letter from Hepsa yet I dont think she care
much about the folks at home she has been
gone six weeks and not write one word to us
I had a letter from Swift last week he is well
I wrote to Swift about the money the same
time I did you and told him how much
and all about it but I forgot to write about
it in your letter  it was all right and I
must be excused for it Jones
I am forgetful  I own it


 [p 2]
Jonathan has got two papers from you
and he is much pleased with them and he wants
you to get the answer to that puzzel if you
can  he is study away upon it is in the merrymans
send next month if you can get it I will send
25 cents to pay for it he likes them so well
you can get the June number (we want two numbers more) I want you if you can
I got you some postage stamps and I hope you
will come home before you use them up if not
I will send you some more when these are gone
I got the roll of the company last week and
my Valise  I hope you will be the lucky Regiment
to get away and I think you will because it is not full
Oscar Jones has left the store and gone down below some
where and Alvin Lothrop took his place  to many
masters and mistress and he thought he would leave
Aunt Elizabeth has been over and she speak well of
Lucy and she say she is a smart girl for work
and a good girl too  Jonathan has gone down
to Mary today and it rains very hard now
we have a lots of rainy weather  we should
have got done planting sooner if had not
rain every day                        Lydia L. Fletcher


[p 3.]
Jonathan say get two numbers of the [illegible]
I have sent money enough to pay if not I will and two cents
postage stamps to pay for mail  Jonathan has got home
from [Slary?] they are well  I shant write much
more this time for I think I shall see you so I can
tell you all without writing you  back me some
[S?] envelopes  I sent the last one in the last letter
and I was glad you told me how to address one
if I dont write again for three weeks perhaps I can
tell you myself and not write but if you have
to stay you have good pay and no fighting to do
so I should not worry about  Johnathan went to the
writing School and he likes it first rate he learnt
some ornamental writing he write better than I can
I must leave off to get supper now  Jones
I must leave one side white because it show through
write and let me know if you get these
postage stamps
this from Lydia L. Fletcher
to her son Aaron Jones Fletcher

            Good Bye for this time