The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated May 9, 1865 from Hersina Paul (sister), Eliot, Maine, to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Eliot  May 9th 18,65

Dear Brother,
I got both of your
letters in one week, the last one came first
I was glad to hear that you are well.
we are all well and enjoying ourselves as
well as the times will admit, William
and George are busy planting  nothing
doing now at their trade pretty dull
now,  we have not heard from Billy
since I wrote you before, I feel very
sorry that I wrote you anything about
the fishes or the Juniper bushes for you
misconstrued my meaning it was only
some of my own nonsense and nobody
every said a word to me about Miss Frye
in any shape or manner against her.
I hope you did not give yourself any
uneasiness about it for I shall wish
I had not written anything, does she
board to Uncle Reubens now  I don’t hear


a word from anybody at Marlboro but
Jerusha she is the only one that writes
to me from that place and she never
speaks ill of any one. I used to write
to Etta but she has never writen to me
since she was married. I should
like to know whose wife it is in Co.
E that has been cutting up shines  I don’t
get any of the news down here, is it any
one that I know if not I don’t care any
thing about it.  You asked me if Mary
wrote to me no she says she wrote
last but I don’t remember it is so long
ago. Eva wrote to Emma and when Emma
wrote back her mother wanted Eva to say
to Martha that she (Mary) and Abby Wright
wanted her to write to them  she did not
say that she wanted me to write but
is just as well for I have more to write
now then I can find time to do, I did
not care but still I could not help
thinking about it, but I never was
a favorite. I saw a letter that


Augusta wrote to Martha and I think
that she calculate to Lie up  this
fall don’t she  she said she was a
going to stay with Wealthy untill Henry
came home in August and then she was
coming down here to say a month, I
think you was very generous to give her
so much, I think Mother will get along
just as well for Mother has the care of
the whole. Augusta has had an easy
time of it  she never had to go out to
live as the rest of us did and I don’t know
as she would be able to she has the heart
complaint so bad, she will be favored at
Wealthys  it ain’t like going among strangers
I wrote to Jona last Sunday  I have not
had anynews from their since William
was up there, I hope I have not said
anything to hurt your feeling this time
Our folks have caught up a lot of fish this spring
George caught 16 yesterday  William 28 the
day before off in the river here, that is all
I think of now  write when you can and I
will do the same all send Love to you
Your affectionate
Hersina F


PS What a sad thing it was to have
the President killed as he was, at a time
to when he seemed to be doing all he
could to make peace.  I hope things
will be closed up now without any more
fighting and you will soon come home