The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated May 6, 1865 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            South Acton May 6th 1865

Jones I got your letter and I thought
I would not write till I knew what to
write so now I will tell you Eliza went
from Wealthy to Lowell to attend to some
business of her own on the first of April
and then she came over the 13 of April
to stay and go round and see the folks here
and last Friday she went home and
Father and Mother went and carried her
home to Lowell and she went to the banks
and took out three hundred and sixty six
dollars and twenty seven cents and we
fetch it home and Father paid it to
Varnum Tuttle all but twenty seven cents
and that he keep so as to have it even
dollars we suppose you and Swift know
all about your business is not that right
we had a letter from Swift and he wanted
we should go and carry Eliza home and
get some money and say nothing about it
and so we did if it is not right I shall be sorry


I gave Eliza that letter in the trunk
Hepsa has been gone three weeks today and
I have not heard from her yet Henry
got a furlough of six days and came home
before she went of and they made all up
and they are good friends now I don’t
think she treated him right he is a good
fellow it too bad don’t say anything about it
we are a going to begin to plant tomorrow
we have got our ground all ready for it
we shall plant the new orchard and the pine
back of the ledge and some in the back pasture
we have got peas up and cabbage plants up
we had a letter from Swift he is well
Jonathan work very well this year he is big enough
Jonathan goes to writing School he like it
first rate it has got three nights more to keep
I wish I had your tin pail I would fill it
with butter it 40 cents here a pound
but I think you will be at home soon
and then you can have butter enough
don’t you think so wont you be glad
I shall  what do they want to keep for


Francis Brown has broke one bone in
his leg he was drawing in logs at the mill
James Tuttle is sick with his old complaint
the gout he has been sick this three week
he has the doctor some think he wont
get up some days he don’t go out of the doors
William Clark and Helen don’t live together
they say they have parted but I don’t know
the trees are not a going to blossom much
this year the grass look first rate and
it has been very cold and windy
Old Lady Wilbur died last Sunday
at the Blood place  she was 75 years old
George Blood has been at home on
a furlough his time is out in June
I begin to think I shant have
write many letter to you in the
army it is so dark I cant see my line
write as often as you can Jones
This from Mother
I found my turkey nest down side of
the swamp with eleven eggs she is a
Setting             Jones