The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated July 16, 1865 from William A. Lydstron (brother-in-law), South Eliot, Maine, to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            South Eliot  July 16/65

Dear Brother
I take this
opitunity to write you a few
lines to let you know that
I am still alive and kicking
but prehaps it would be
well enough for me to apoligise
to you for not writeing to you
before as I am shure it is
due you I received your letter
last march and was very
glad as I always are to here
from you and your wheirabouts
I have thought a dozen times
about answering it but kept
putting it of untill some other
time and that is the reason
you have not got the answer
but I will try to do better for
the future


I dont know that I can tell
you any good news only that
the war is over and I supose
you have heard of that before.
Martha and Nettie has gorn up
home they have been gorn two
weecks  Eliza and her husband
have been down here and she
went up with them I received
your letter for Martha last weeck
and shall send it to her
to morrow  you say the whether
in Savanah is very hot. to
day here a thick coat feels
comfortable  the wether is very
cool and has been for a number
of days  the things here look
first rate  we have had plenty of
rain this season and there is
a great crop of hay.
business is a little dull but
I have had plenty of work


this summer so far and
expect to untill winter but
pay is not so much as it was
last summer.  do you know
how much longer you have got
to serve or have you got to stay
your time out  I hope when you
get home you will come down
here and make us a long visit
I supose Martha will write to
you next week.  I cant write
any more this time but hope
to hear from you again soon
Wm. A. Lydston