The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated July 23, 1865 from Hersina Paul (sister), Eliot, Maine, to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Eliot  July 23, 18,65

Dear Brother,
It is sometime since I have
had a chance to write to you, we are all quite
well now, Billy came home on the fourth of July
he had been sick in the Hospital three weeks with
the Typhoid fever and as soon as he could stand
he wanted him[crossed out]  to come home  they told him
he had better stay and visit them in the Hospital
a few days untill he was better but he told them
there was some soldiers coming North and he
would like to come on with them and so
they let him come, but he was very weak
when he got home, he said it was so hot
there that those who were sick did not gain
any and the sooner he got home the better he
should be, and now he seem quite smart
has a good appetite, & even go round quite well.
he like there first ate and weighed before he was
sick 150 pound and when he came home only 114
he says he means to go west in the fall.


Murray and Elisa have been down and made a
visit, I never saw him before  I had a
real good time with them, I think he is
a very pretty man, we thought we would
all go down in the harbor and have a chowder
we made all preparation  took the pot and other
fixing and and started Mr Paul Murray Elisa
Aunt Abigail Martha George and myself we got
down there caught fish enough for the chowder
and then there came up dreadful thunder
shower we went ashore and made a fire and
George & I held an umbrella over it untill
it got to burning and we had the chowder it
was good, William spred the sail over the rock
and we did not get very wet then but we had
showers all the afternoon and we started
home in the rain but it cleared away before
we got home, but we were a pretty looking
set before we got home we got wet enough
to take the starch out of our clothes we had
a good time laughing at each other for I don’t
know which looked the worst, they went home
the Saturday before the fourth  Martha & Nettie


went up with them  Martha is at home now
she has been gone three weeks and I expect she
will two or three longer, Willie boards at his Fathers
she says you must write to her she wrote last
Oh Jona I wish you was here to go a huckle berrying
the berrys are very plenty this year and ripe a
good deal earlyer than ususal, Mr Brooks wife &
daughter and William & I went over to the Beach
yesterday had a nice time went a little way
from the sand and picked a lot of berrys
Mr Brooks folks had 16 quarts we had eleven
they were the little low hut blueberry they were
sweet and nice I wish you had some; our
apples are going to be very scarce this fall,
The hay crop was very large hay is very cheap
get it for ten dollars a ton, I don’t think of any
thing more to write this time, (if you get this
write when you can and let me know how and
where you are  we all send much Love to you
?when do you expect to come home?
My best wishes are ever your,
Hersina F. Paul

Aaron J. Fletcher