The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated July 30, 1865 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            South Acton July 30 1865
Well Jones I thought I would write once
more to you and let you know that we are
well and hope you are well and let you
know that we heard you was on the way
home.  Chatman wrote home once that they should
be discharged before the first of September
and now he wants more clothes sent him
but we think here that you will be to home
before winter but Chatman wants to stay
as long as he can for he get good pay and
no fighting  Father thinks you will be to home
soon he don’t see what they want of you doing
nothing we should like to see you Jones
we have got all our hay to the ditch in the
meadow and the rest wont take us long
we shall have our barn full  hay is first rate
this year  we are a going to have a lot of
cranberrys this year but no apples hardly
corn and potatoes are good watermelons and
muskmelon we have got a good supply of them
Come home when they are ripe


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Bennet has got home from war he has
been to home about a week and Thursday
there was a black duck came flying round
and set on the pond hole in James Tuttle
pasture and Jonathan took the gun
and went and kill her and it rather
work  Bennet he say to uncle Tilly why did
not you take my gun and go and kill it
as well as let Jonathan kill it he is
hunting all time since he got home
Martha and Hepsa went down to
Eliot Thursday morning Willie could not
come up with her he is to work in the
Navy Yard she staid there weeks or more
She said she should write when she got
home to you for Willie had a letter when
he was up here  Hepsa was a going down
and so she went home with Martha and
Wealthy.  Folks were well and she must
get another girl to help her this summer
Oramel Shattuck is dead  he was buried
a week ago last Tuesday.  Consumption
Corrina took care of him three weeks


[p. 3]
Joseph Fleming has not been here yet
but when he come I shall treat him well
as I know how and give the best I can get.
I shall keep that confederate money for me
and you get some more for yourself to keep
when you want any postage stamps or can
you buy them there as cheap.  Billy Paul
is sick with typhoid fever he went to
Newburn S.C. to work in the Navy Yard
and was taken sick and he went to the
hospital and he got some better and came
home and is sick now.
I wanted Jonathan to write but he did not
want to so I will write all news I can think
of this time and hope to see you soon
keep up good courage and think you will
be at home soon no more this time.
So good bye for this time Jones.
I should have wrote before but Martha and
Hepsa was here about a week and I had a
good deal to do and haying and confusion
I could not write.  This from Mother