The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated April 27, 1863 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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South Acton April 27 – 63

Monday Morning. I thought I would answer
your Letter of 12 of April which found us all
well and hope you are well and we are all
well now father and Jonathan are ploughing
the back pasture today for sowing oats we shant
have a man this year help is scarce and high
it cost to[o] much we may have some one in
planting two or three days that all we shall do
it ourselves you want to know how many
foxes they have killed this winter not one
and fishing Bennet and two men from fitchburg
come down and stayed a week at Nagog and did
not catch a mess of fish Marshall and
E Jones went once and catch 19 pounds of
fish and that is all I have heard of this
winter  Jonathan and father set some traps
catch 7 muskrats and got 30 cents apiece
Hepsa will stay at home this summer with me
Swift don’t want her to go off and Leave us
alone my paper is not gone yet it will
Last some time yet it hold out well


They think they will draft in acton they offer
fifty dollars more to the nine months men all that
will enlist and thirty days furlough to come
home but they wont get them all they have seen
all they want to Father was sixty one Last
January  Swift did not come home and has not
been yet    all that come home I think will
get there bounty we have got all your papers
Jonathan don’t want you to put Esqr on them
I would not buy many of them they cost to much
we had six one week we have got Simon Tuttle
for a neighbor Mr. Mayhew has gone to
Milton  Sarah Blood and Laura Jones
was here the other day and see your Photograph
and Laura say cant Jones support a mustashe
or whisker I should think he might  Laura
work in the tailors shop Learning to make coats.
Ellen Fletcher, Fanny Fletcher, Ella Beck, Clara
Dole were here and spent the afternoon Friday
and it rained hard and Fanny wore home your
War Great coat and Ella Beck wore Swift
Such a time you would a laugh I wish
you had seen Fanny train in your coat.


Cyrus Fletcher has untook to build the town
house and tavern up in town and Marshall Jones is
a going to help him they build it on the same
spot the old one was they commence today
we had a letter from Hersina they are well
tomorrow is your birthday twenty two years old
the 19 of Last June concord factory was burnt
and now they built a new brick one three times
as Large as the old one and it faces the bridge
and they will start up next month and
now they call it Damon Dale.
we was a going to have trias picture taken
but Edwin has gone now he ran away and was
gone a week afore we found him and Ed was gone
Hepsa received a Letter from you and say she
would Like to be in Dixie with a pile of green
back but they are among the missing
Hepsa want to know the price of cotton cloth.
It is 42 cents a yard here.
How is Silas Blodget and Haynes
Charle Moulton is no better they don’t think he
can Live Long William Loker is dead and his
brother Henry* was buried last tuesday

[* brother Franklin Loker died April 21, 1863 ]

write as often as you can Jones and
I will this from Mother we all send
our Love to you I got a letter from
Friend Wheeler and I will answer it soon