The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated May 10, 1863 from William A. Lydston (brother-in-law), South Eliot, Maine, to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            South Eliot
                        May 10/63

Dear Brother
I thought
I would try to write you a few
lines to let you know we are
all well  Martha received your
letter last weeck we was very
glad to hear from you and
that you was well.  I have
no news to write that I know
of we are haveing pretty warm
wether now but I expect it
is nothing what you have out
their  we have had a rather
backward spring some mornings
now it is cold enough for mittins
now.  I suppose before you get
this letter you will hear about
Hookers great battle at fredricks-
burg  I have just been reading
the account of it  it was the


most bloody affair of the whool
war and the last on[e] I hope that
will be fought I am very glad
that you and Swift are out
of the fighting rancks and I
hope you wil keep out untill
your time is served out.
I am at woork on the yard
yet ship building is very good
out side now a good fellow can
get 2.75 and 3.00 dollars a day
in som of the private yards
now they pay 2.50 in the Navy
now  the southon privateers is
helping make ship carpenters
good  if this war was over I calculate
a fellow could get just what
he was mind to say.
I am in hope you and Swift
will be at home by next
fall if not before  we talk
of gowing up to Acton then


if nothing should happin
to prevent  I expect Swift
has got a grand job now  we
have not heard from him
sinc he left this army I
expect he is so biusy he can’t
get a chanc to write if he
hates it as bad as I do I
don’t blame him for not writeing
very often  the young fellows here
have cleard out a good many of them
to escape the draft some of them
have gorn to sea and to St
Johns and some to canady but
I think I shant go I will
stand my chanc and if I get
drafted and don’t want to gow
I will pay my fine.
Martha is well and sends
her love  Nettie is well  she can
say most any thing she wants
to be out of doors all the time


little Billie Paul has gorn to
sea he went about a weeck
ago he sailed out of Boston
he has gone to Europe to be gone
13 months
I cant write any more this time
but hope to hear from you often
I remain as ever your
affectionate brother
Wm A. Lydston