The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated May 18, 1863 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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                                    South Acton May 18th 1863

I thought I would write to you today hoping you
would excuse me for not writing before we have been
very busy a planting corn we are all well but Jonathan
he has got a sore throat but I hope he will be
better tomorrow we had a letter from Swift Friday
he is well but don’t say a word about coming home
The nine months men time is out the 31 day
of May I think they will be glad I don’t think
they will reenlist again we hope you wont stay any
Longer than your time is out and come home
and stay round here  I want you too so I can see you
once in a while we had a Letter from Wealthy Last
week they are well it is such dull rainy weather
that the things are very backward our trees
have not blossom yet the cherrie trees and pear
trees are blossom we had four pears last year
and I think we shall have some this year
Osmond Richardson came home on a furlough and
when he went back they gave him discharge.
Mary Davis married him about a year ago
He has been to home about two months.


John Howe married Elizaetta Dole May 3rd
and they live in the house with Aunt Elizabeth
and have three rooms  they did not [let] any body
know it till the next day. Lewis Gates
was here and staid all night and said he
wish he could see you and go a hunting
with you and have a good time you are
on the Last half and Father want you
to come home when your time is out and
not stay there any Longer Father has got
four Elms and set out before the house so when
you come home you Lay in the shade in
summer in winter stay in house I have not
got a turkey or chicken yet but I shall
have some next week.  I have set fifty turkey
Eggs and about sixty hen Eggs I guess you
would hear them peep if you was hear
we have sold the oxen they went of[f] yesterday
to James Tuttle for about one hundred
dollars and we have got two of nicest pigs
you ever see and the same cows we
had when you went away


I sent a letter to Mr. Wheeler and
got Edwin Jones to take Aunt Mary
likeness but he did [not] take a very good [one]
but I sent it to him has he got it?
I cant stay to write any more this time.
Write as often as you can Father likes to
get a letter from you  I got two papers
April 27.  This from Mother

Aaron Jones Fletcher