The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated April 5, 1863 from Martha F. Lydston (sister), Eliot Maine, to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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                        Eliot  April 5th 1863

Dear Brother
I now sit down to answer
your letter which I received the other
day  we were very glad to hear from you
and to hear you was well  we are all well
I hope you are now the same  Hersina
had a letter from Mother this week
the folks were all well Swift has
give up his Commision in the army
he has gone to Building railroad
right a long beside where he used to
work on the Baltimore and Wilmington
road  he is to work for government
he has one hundred and twenty men
to work for him  I wish you was to
work for him or any where but in
the army  Willie shant go if I can
help it  I suppose they will be a
drafting pretty soon  Willie has got
his pay raised  he gets $2.50 a day


now from the first of april  there
has a good many gone a fishing
from this place and some have gone
to Canada to escape the draft
Jo,.Wherren that fellow you went
up the river with has gone to Canada
to get red the Draft  Willie  Grandma
was burried last week 82 years
old nettie is two years old the
2 day of this month  she can
wipe dishes or do most any thing
say most any thing she has a mind
to  I hope you wont have to
do any fighting while you are out
there  stay where you be if you can
it is your birth day pretty soon
if you was only here I would give
you a whipping mine the last day
you have not written as the
answer to that riddle yet we
could not gess it unless it is
because a cat can have kittins
and nobody else cant nor any other


animal  you say you suppose winter
is about over with us we have
had more sleding last month than
all the rest of the winter  it
storms real old fashioned wild
goose storm to day it freezes as
fast as it strikes   the tide is very
high I want to go down to the
shore but Willie wont let me cause
it storms  are you courting any body
down there  I should like to now  I
suppose you are before this time I
cant write you any more this time  my
pen is so poor and my ink is all
gone write and tell us all the
news as often as you can  I will get
some ink and a better pen and then
I will write better next time
we all send much love to you
and want you to write soon
good luck to you   Martha F. Lydstron
when you wirite again direct to
South Eliot Maine  it will come
into the store then I shall get it quicker