The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated March 22, 1863 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            South Acton March 22 – 63

Jones I commence to write to you to
Let you know that we are well and
hope you are well  Swift has got his
discharge from the Army and Left it
the seventh of March, his birth day. 33
years old that day he has gone to work
for government on the Wilmington and
Baltimore Railroad a Laying a new
track besides of the old one where
he uses to run the cars four years
ago he had got one hundred and
twenty men and expected more
they wanted him so he did not come
home before he begun they wanted him.
Stearn sent him a Letter first.
he hated to Leave his company
but he would not got his discharge
if Stearn had not recommended him.
they could not get any one to take
that job they did not know how
they have all gone into army.


I sent Swift trunk Thursday morn.
Swift will have great wages I suppose.
Col Faulkner say he think about twelve
hundred dollars a year. Jones, your
time is on the Last half if you had
not gone then you would had to be
drafted they have got to draft in
Acton eighty men or pay three
hundred dollars or go to war
Poor men have got to go to war
they got the no money to pay some of
them Look wild. I tell you they
feel bad they wish they had a
went in the first place as you did
if you live to come back you will
have a bounty as much as the rest.
you need not tell any body about it.
we had no sleighing till March came
in and it has been winter all this
month good Sleighing and plenty
of snow and cold weather too
today is warmer and I hope
the snow is going of[f] fast


I had a letter from Eliza they
are well. Mary has gone Shrewsbury
and Hepsa is keeping house for
Rueben and Emma she is eighteen
the 17 of March I sent that picture
down to Hepsa and I think she will
get hers taken now Edwin Jones is
here a taken picture he has learnt
how he takes them first rate he is
married to Maranda Butler, West
Groton and boarded with F Jones.
I got your Letter of March 1 and paper 3
you wanted to know when the Company
E time was out, the last day of May
Sam Jones has bought Mr. Hildreth
house and Land for nine hundred
and ten dollars.  William Procter died.
Mrs. Jones’ uncle gave her five hundred
and so they bought that place.
Jones, has James Monroe got well who was
it that hurt him in your company?
I should like to know or is he dead?
Write soon    Mother     L.J. Fletcher


trias is well.
Write to me some
and not Hepsa always. She
wont Let me see them.
Don’t Let her know
I told you. I don’t
want you to write to
her only when she
write to you.