The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated February 8, 1863 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass. to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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South Acton Feb 8 – 63

I did not go to meeting and I thought I would
write to you and Let you know that we are
well and hope these few lines will find you
well and better of your cold  I got your
Letter and was glad to hear from you
and I should have write before but I
wanted to hear from Suffolk to hear
about the battle  I will send some
pieces that have been cut out of paper
for we don’t take the papers now they
charge 53 cents a month you will
See that Bill Wood is wounded
in the head slightly a scalp wound.
there was one hurt in Acton company
that was Bill Whitcomb of Stow a horse
was shot and he fell on to him and
hurt him some Swift had the
command of the company Capt
being at home on a
furlough of ten days. They was
called out that morning that he
came away after


Hepsa had a letter from Swift
he was well and all right but
I think they will fight again
soon Captain Handley starts
for Suffolk today I shall be
glad when your time is out  I
wish Lincoln was the one to stop
it and not have it go any further
they are going to build a town
house and a armory room in it
and I think you will get your
hundred dollars as well the rest
and Jones I think you have the
best place yet of any and you
wanted know where Charles
in New Hampshire 13
and Company B he came to
see us after he enlisted and went
all round see them all
Eliza Heald has got two twins
Boys tell John Putnam it is
Ben Heald wife Hepsa has
gone over to Charlotte Brown


They had a festival on Sunday
School Exhibition Last Thursday
night and the hall was full Hepsa
took a part Jonathan went and
I had the sick headacke and
did not go they have Lyceum
every Saturday night they have
no dances this winter in the hall
we have got two of the handsome pigs
you ever see they cost nine dollars
Hepsa say that all got your
Miniature but her and she want it
they has not been any sleighing this
winter yet  it has been a good winter
for soldiers here was three boys
drowned at Assabet Last week
one was John Sanders, one was
Artemas Whitney, one was Flood
Haverhill is the Chaplin of the Sixth Reg.
no battles before this one.
No more this time.  Hepsa will write soon.
This from Mother to A.J. Fletcher