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Civil War Records of Charles Wesley Parker


Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Post Resolutions
Charles W. Parker

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West Acton, Mass. Sept. 25, 1889

Comrade Chas. W. Parker

Whereas you were the first commander of Isaac Davis Post No. 138 and you are now laid upon a bed of suffering and have been so confined for a number of months and indeed have been far from a slate of health for some years and

Whereas we all know you to be a true man, possessed of the high principles of our order, Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty and

Whereas your sorrows and sufferings as a soldier have been borne with patriotic fortitude as a prisoner of war with determined courage through extreme suffering and

Whereas you have endeared yourself to all the comrades of the Isaac Davis Post as well as every lover of his country with whom you have been acquainted wherefore

Resolved that in these hours of our suffering and weakness, we tended to you our warmest sympathies

Resolved that we will ask the presence and blessing of Almighty God to the end that you may be restored to your wanted health and strength and if the petition cannot be granted that He may be with you all through the journey of life to soften all the way and finally, to lift the curtain that opens into the city of God and that you may have an abundant entrance through our Lord Jesus Christ into the eternal home where sickness and sorrow shall be unknown.

By order and in behalf of the Post in F. C. and L. I. Hutchins
(Signed) Committee


West Acton 13th 1889

To the Commander of Isaac Davis Post
No. 138 Dept. of Mass, G.A.R.

Dear Comrades. The set of resolutions passed by our Post Sept. 11th, have just been received and read to me. They have gone to the center of a loyal soldier's heart.

Whatever credit may be ascribed to me for my loyalty as a soldier can give one no greater please than the undying loyalty I have always entertained for this Post and the good of the order. Comrades be assured, I appreciate the deep feeling of sympathy so often expressed during my long sickness and although I may never be permitted to meet you again in the Post Room, I trust I may soon be in condition to give the Fraternal grip at my home and comrades when we shall have all passed over and at the Grand Final Roll Call may we be prepared to answer, "Here".

Yours in F. C. + L.
(Signed) Charles W. Parker