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Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Post Resolutions Upon the Death of Comrades
John F. Blood, James D. Wright, & Lorenz U. Holt

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The following Resolutions were adopted by the Post at its meeting May 13, '91

Whereas the great Commander has seen fit in his wisdom to remove from us our Comrades John F. Blood and James D. Wright by the hand of death and

Whereas Comrades Blood and Wright were ever faithful in their relations to their comrades and

Whereas Vacant places are left in Isaac Davis Post No. 138 that we feel to be a great loss therefore

Resolved that we will cherish their memories with comrade's love and extend to their families, our sympathy and condolence.

Resolve That we forward a copy of the same to their families and also spread them upon our records.

I. Hutchins
L.V. Clough {Committee
(Signed) H. J. Clark

Whereas - We the members of Isaac Davis Post, No. 138 G.A.R. have been called to part with our beloved honorary member, Lorenzo A. Holt by the hand of death and

Whereas, the title of distinction was conferred on him voluntarily by the unanimous voice of the post and

Whereas his great value in help and sympathy in all the work of our organization demands and we cheerfully accord our hearty recognition of all his most valuable and willing services and

Whereas as a neighbor and friend in all the social affairs of life he was of intrinsic worth, friendly and unselfish, in every department of social and business relationship. Therefore,

Resolved that we recognize the divine hand in this sad affliction and while we would bow in humble submission to the will of him who never errs and to Him also with whom there are no accidents, our hearts are deeply saddened with this irreparable loss.

Resolved that our feeble words fail to express the depth of our affliction. A good, noble, just and dear friend has been mustered unto a more honorable Companionship at God's right hand may his m*uth fall on each of us.

Resolved: that we tended to his widow and children our deepest sympathy and shall ever pray, the God of all Love and Consolation may ever impart to them according to their deepest necessity every needful gift.

Resolved that a copy of these resolutions be sent to the family of our deceased friend and also spread on the records of the Post.

I. Hutchins {Committee
(Signed) S. H. Guilford