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Grand Army of the Republic
Isaac Davis Post No. 138

Post Resolutions Upon the Death of Comrades
Charles A. Hanscom & John W. Loker

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The committee on resolutions on the death of our late Comrade Chas. A. Hanscom, reported the following resolutions

Whereas it has pleased the Great Commander of all armies to order that our beloved Comrade Chas. A Hanscom be relieved form the marches and fatigue that fall to the lot of every faithful soldier and has been pleased to assign him to that higher duty and to the eternal rest, so justly earned by a patriotic, conscientious discharge of every duty as a soldier and comrade of the G.A.R.

Resolved - That we his late Comrades in arms and comrades of the G.A.R. while bowing in meek submission to the will and orders of the Divine Commander feel that in his removal, we suffer the loss of a genial and sincere friend and the community, an upright citizen.

Resolved - That we the members of Isaac Davis Post No. 138 Department Mass. G.A.R. tender to the widow and children of our late comrade our sincere sympathy and that we extend to them his survivors, that Fraternity, Charity and Loyality, which shall bind us together until
Last retreat sounds in our mortal ears.

Resolved - That a copy of these resolutions be spread on the records of Isaac Davis Post and a copy presented to the family of the deceased.

L. V. Clough {Committee
Chas. W. Parker
(Signed) S. A. Hesselton

June 26th, 1889
Whereas for the second time in the history of this post, the messenger of death has entered our ranks and Past Commander, John W. Loker, has answered the summons to duty on that higher sphere therefore.

Resolved - That we deeply feel the loss which as a post, we have sustained as he ever cherished a warm love for all worthy comrades and was always a champion of this just rights.

Resolved - That through coming years, the history of Acton will bear no more honorable record than that of our comrade as a citizen and soldier.

Resolved - That his military record shows a patriotism and devotion seldom equaled and never excelled.

L. V. Clough {Committee
(Signed) I. Hutchins