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Letter dated April 13, 1865 from Aaron Swift Fletcher (brother), Port Deposit, Md., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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The Philadelphia, Wilmington & Balto. Rail Road Co.
                        Port Deposit April 13/65

            My Dear Brother  I recd
your kind letter and was glad to hear
from you that you have ben in Balto.
if I had known you was their you
would seen me their to Some
I night Rand and I would run
the blockaid Sartin
you had hurd of the Capture of
Richmond before this time you
have hurd of the Capture of Lee
and his army that is better still
you wont have any more hard
fiting I dont think in this war
at any rate I hope not.
They Caught a good many fish
in the log pond but they did
not get all the water all out or they
might caught more they got several
Salmon  I had one that weighed
7 lbs and they had some larger
than that was they was nice


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I will rite to Father and tell
him to go to Lowell and get
that money and he can go and carry
Eliza home and no one will know
any thing of it  I have two hundred
now but I dont know as I will send it
yet I may want a little for some
traid but I will pay all on the Farm
before I ever go home if I dont get
discharged and the folks are well
that I am bound to do Father has
Sold two Cows for 70 dollars  Tuttle has
that any way and  20 from Pratt they
paid to him that makes 90 it
is pay day tomorrow  I may think
it best to Send him two hundred
Pratt owes me for stone you know  I have
my pay raised and can save 100 dollars
in a short time Shall I send a
due  bill to you or Eliza after I get
the money it will make the old Folks
feel better after the farm is paid for
they are getting old now and they think
more of such things than they used to
I can get a substitute if you want
Just let me know they dont come
As high as they did all is hurrah
here now all think their will be no
more fiting I hope not  pleas let me
hear from you as often as you can
if you want any thing let me
know  good night A.S. Fletcher  Respects to all