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Letter dated April 12, 1865 from Hepsabeth A. Piper (aunt), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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     South Acton April the 12 65

My Dear Nephew
I set down this afternoon
to write you a few lines to let you know that we
are all well and I hope these few lines will find
you injoying the same blessing  I received your
kind letter last week and was very glad to
hear from you  I was sorry to hear that the rain
was pouring down so on you.  I think you must be
a pretty looking thing in the morning. I think you would
like some one to ring your shirt out by that time
you got up on the morning. I spose Lucy would
like to do the job for you if she was thear. dont
you think so. I have been over to uncle Reuben
thay spoke very highly of Lucy. they were all well
when I was over their  Aunt Elizabeth said she did
not see you much when you was over their  I spose
you was along with Lucy. all wright Jones  I
think Fanny is a very pretty girl dont you.


We are having very good news from the War
I hope it will be settled before long so the poor
soldiergers can come home again. I hope I shall
live to see that time. We have had Charly Sanders
hear he went from hear this morning he is gitting
to look pretty well now he has gain a pound a
day he and his Mother come together and have
been all around to see them all.  I had a party
yestoday my Sisters and cousins I had 13 in number
I tell you there was a jolly sett two your Mother
was wide awake and all the rest. Hepsey is agoing
to Welthey to day to stay with her this summer
to help her do her work. she wants to learn to
cook. I should not be serprise if she was married
this fall for she and Henery has made all up
again. she told me that he promise to go down
east with her this fall after he come home. I
saw him to your fathers I went up there with
Mary Mead a Sunday before last and your
Mother sent Jonathan down to have Mary
and Hepsey come home and see Mary so
Henery came with them. Mary eys trouble her
very much but she is fat as ever the rest of


her folks are all well. Eliza has gone
back to Lowell again they are going to have a
great day in Lowell for the 19th of April thay are going to
put up a monument for them two Soldiers that was
killed in Baltomore. the Lowell folks invited all that
went through there at the time: so I spose you must be
one.  Mary Mead said she wish she could see you
she left a letter for you she looks very well now
and she would like to see Swift to.  I hope Swift will
get married for I think he is old enough if he is
ever going to bee. I hope you wont wait so long
as he has for I think a married life is a happy
life. If you get a good pardner, and I hope you
will  Mary B. has found out who Ezekiel is how you do
comet on girels. don’t you Jones Mary B. wont have
so good a time now for Lottie Brown has gone from
Mr. Harris, she has gone home to work in precel [pencil]
shop with Betsey. Mr. Blodgett folks are all well excepting
Herbert the horseys kicked him this morning in the side of
his head thay feel very bad about it. Silas and
his wife is there yet. We have met with a great
lost hear in town we lost your Doc Mills he died


with the heart complaint I dont know
what we shall do now there is not a great meny
sick in town now . Mother sends her love to you
and says take good care of yourself. she is afraid
you will git cold by laying in a wet bed I
think you ought to have a warming pan to
dry your sheets. Oh I must tell you that Edwin
has gone down to Boston to live with Mr James
Brown  he work in a eating saloon  I have
not heard how he likes yet. your Father folks
are well. your uncle Jonathan sends his
love to you and I likewise and hope you
will prosper in everything that you under
take to do. I will tell you the reason why I
did not come up to see you that day I was sick
I was sorry that I could not see you again
I spose when you come home again it wont
be Miss Lucy it will be Mrs Lucy I should
like to see her very much I gest you will say
what a old food Aunt Hepsey is. you will
think wright to. well I must draw to a close
by wishing you a good bye write when you
can please to excuse all mistake. this from
your old Aunt Het Piper