The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated April 9, 1865 from Nellie Dole (cousin), Marlborough, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Marlboro April 9th 1865

Dear Brother
I received a letter
from you last Thursday with
a sheet of paper and an rapper with
a stamp I am very much oblidge
to you for them all but I have a
plenty of paper for I do not write
to my fellow he is so near I can
without paper and I answered your
letter if you have not received it
then that fellow received my letter
did he and was it Warren Fletcher.
you tell him to write to that young
Lady I told him of for we are very
anxious to have some fun with
him. We want to get his picture


so you tell him to write. Lucy
is all right and you must thank
me for making the match.  you
will, will you  she comes over here
frequently. I suppose you hear from
her very often you must get your
discharge and come home and marry
George is over to Acton yet and
the dancing School is finished. They
are going to have a May breakfast
here this year. do you remember
last year where you were eating
peanuts  you went to the may
breakfast  did you not and it was
they day we saw the Assbet
boarding house mistress and
half past two and a few days
after that received a letter from
Lucy but that is past and gone
never to return  and another year
is here. Lucy will miss you very
much this May I know I like
her rings very much indeed


I saw them to the dance.  I have
see one before. Jones is that Warren
that wrote to me  I use to write a
good while ago to him but he was
a better writer then he is now I
thought he was engaged to a lady
in Acton. ask him why he
dont write to Luller Dadmun
he use to be a great friend of
her once and I know she would
answer his letter if he would
only write. I did not think you
had any thing to do with it for
I guess you had not gone back
when I received it  you may tell
him I am going to be married
for I am if I ever have a chance
dont you wish you was here to
go and see Lucy to night. I wish
you was but I must close for I
am out of news Write soon as
possible and I remain you Sister