The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated April 9, 1865 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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                South Acton April 9 1865

   I got your letter yesterday of April 4
and sit down to answer it  we are all well but
but I have got a bile on my chin and it pain me
very bad so I shant write much for I wrote
one Monday and Sent it  this is the third letter that
I have wrote you since you went back Jones
Hepsa is a going up to Wealthy last day the 13
or the Sunday after so you must direct her
letters there when you write  we had a letter
from Wealthy yesterday and they are well
we are doing our spring work  we have got some
peas planted and I hope you will be at
home to help eat them for I think the war
amost over and I think you wont have
to stay your time out any way don’t you
I am glad they got Richmond  they have the
strongest  place the rebels have got  we don’t
know where they will go but I hope they will
catch them before you get this  I put your old
Letters in your trunk when the bundle comes
or any thing else there is in the coat pocket
I shall look for the bundle Jones


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I hope you will get this picture for I don’t
want it lost  I had a Letter from Swift
and he is well  Nancy Sanders and Charles [Sanders]
has come up from South [Berwick?] Maine
they come yesterday Morning He was a
prisoner 7 months and he fared very well
because he had money and they are a
coming here tomorrow afternoon  he felt
big he has got shoulders straps on
I should think he would  Lieut of nigger Regiment
I guess I have the right picture for
it was the only tin one there was
I don’t feel Like writing to night and
I have no news and it is rather dull
Augusta Jones was here yesterday and she say
give her love to you and I must close
for it time to go to bed and so good
night for this time  write as often as
you can and I will  Jones Fletcher
O my bile has broke  I shall feel better now
I have been sick with it all day