The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated April 4, 1865 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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               South Acton April the 4 1865

  Jones I received a Letter from you and
was glad to hear that you was well and
we are all well and I am glad that Richmond
is taken for I think that the war will end soon
I have not heard that Hepsa was turn out
of doors and there is no truth in it and
we have no trouble here at home all peaceable
as to her going with Edwin Tarbell she
never did but once and one afternoon he came
up here and 5 o clock and wanted her to go
to an old folk dance and she told him no
but father said so much that she went and
and she has not been any where else with
him nor she dont intend too Henry and
Hepsa had some trouble but it want about
Charles and she did give him the mitten
and he came home and I guess it is all
right now and as for the red envelopes
she has a good many for Henry send them
but she has received four from Charles and
that was soon after he went back


[p 2.]
Hepsa has not sent but two Letters
any way  the first one she wrote that
she would not corespond with him and he
never got it and the second one his sister
sent Hepsa his picture and she sent it to him
with a very few words and never mention
your name and she shant right to him
again     Richmond is taken the bells did
ring and the cannon did roar and the flags
were flying and bright fires round all glad to
hear of it  we had a Letter from Swift and
he was well  I got your Letter Last night
but I could not answer it till tonight
I had company today Mary Abba and Lizzor
Noyes and Frank Carlsley and George Wright
wife came up to see Hepsa before she goes of
she is going to Live with Wealthy till
Henry time is out the first of September
and then she will come home again
the black heifer has got a calf today
father has sold the old cow and red
heifer for 70 dollars  the pig grow well


[p. 3]
Jonathan wont write this time
he has catch six muskrats this spring
we have commence ploughing some
Jones  I hope you wont feel bad for
there is no truth in them Let them talk
Eliza has not come yet from Wealthy
I cant write any more tonight for it
is nine o clock and time to go to bed
I thought I would write as quick as I
could and Let you know Jones
this from Mother
good Night

Father is well and busy to work

did you get them postage stamps
I sent fifteen the first time and thirty
in the Last Letter and when you
want any more I will get them for you