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Letter dated April 20, 1865 from Hepsabeth Augusta Fletcher (sister), Shrewsbury, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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             Shrewsbury Apr 20th/65

Thursday Afternoon
My Dear Brother
I received your letter
last Sunday I was very much pleased
to get a letter from you it was the
first one you have writen to me since
you returned  I come up here last Sunday
Newell come after me I left the Gates
all well Elise was at Home I did not
care to leave Home quite so soon but
as he come after me I thought that I
must come  I am agoin to stay untill
the last of August  I am going down
East in September  Henry is goin to
accompany me  you wanted to know if
I was writeing to him now I am I hear
from every week and last week I got three
Letters from him  if you was here you
might see them but I guess I wont tell
what was in them perhaps you will see


next fall he is in Philadelphia now
How is Charles Morse  I suppose you knew
that I did not write to him  I have writen
to him twice since he went back but
I never shall again  I got most awfully
deceived when I went with him last
Winter I suppose he was what he
pretended to be but I guess you dont
know him as well as some others
that have been in the service with
him  very strange stories are repeated
about him and I hear he sent his
money Home to a young Lady in Acton
when he was at New Orleans  I will
call no names because he used me
well when I was in his company
and I dont wished to do anything
to hurt him in any way but I guess
he is one man when a citizen and
another when a soldier  I have always
heard you speak well of him and
I as your Friend and I supposed him
to be not knowing him I took him


to be what he pretended but others
have told me things that are better
acquainted with him than I was
Newell & Wealtha send there love to you
and they want you to write to them
last Friday Father received your and
Charles coat & blanket Mother aird them
and took care of your things in the jacket
Heller Clark is up here now she has
sepperated from her husband William
Eliza told me to say when I wrote
Miss Evaline A Paul  South Eliot  Maine
in care of William J Paul
we are all well and I hope to here
from you soon  I would write more
but I have not got time to day
but will write again soon
Joseph has sent his picture to Betsy
and told her that he wrote that letter
to Lettie and that he had no cousin
and that he would use no deception
his picture looks some to be John Haynes side
view not very good looking nor very bad please
write soon much love to you from all
from your affectionate Sister  Augusta Fletcher