The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated January 1, 1865 from Wealthy Gates (sister), Shewsbury, Mass. to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Shrewsbury  Jan 1st 1865

Dear Brother  I wish you a happy New Year
I received your letter
in due time and was very glad
to hear from you  we are all well and
hope you are the same, have you got
your house done and will it be
comfortable in the coldest weather
what are the shelter tents if they
are cloth I should think they
would be cold  is the wood plenty
whare you are? I can look in upon
you in immagination and see how
you live should like to lend you
a bed and a few bed cloths I suppose
you have straw  do you have anything
to do but to take care of yourself
and your shop if not dont you have
kind of a good time


well Jones people talk that the
war is almost over and I hope it
is  I hear that Sherman got Savannah
without much trouble and if he has
as good luck in geting a few more places
I think then the war will come to
a close and I dont think their is
many that would be sorry if it should
I am glad you are going to try for
a furlough perhaps you will get one
we should be very glad to see you
at home hope you will be here next
winter, that cotton plant blossom
got broken some but not very bad
it is quite pretty not what I thought
it was I thought it a small blossom
I should like to get some seeds of
it was much obliged for the blossom
shall keep it with my valuables
I should think Swift would come
out their and see you  he is not
a great ways off does he write to
you often


it is very cold here tonight
it snowed all day yesterday
and some today and the snow
blows and I guess if anyone had
to do picket duty in these parts
they would find it rather hard
you dont have any of that to do
do you? I have not heard any
thing from home since I got your
letter I dont know whare Eliza
is have not heard anything from
her for a long time did you get
your shirts  you said she was
going to make how I wish I
could send you in something once
in the while or a few apples.
is Warren near you  how does
he like? Newell says he should
like to come and help you build
your house and see the country  he
sends his love and best wishes if
it is as cold their as here I am a
fraid you can not keep comfortable


well I dont have any news this
is dry same as my letters always
are  I will send you a stamp to send
on my next hope you will get payed
of soon  should think you would nead
it write to me as often as you
can for we are always glad to hear from
you  yours in love from W F Gates
I have heard from Eliza she is
well she will be here after the
22nd of this month she is well
I have heard from Swift two
he is well but dont know as he
shall come home at all dont think
he shall if he has to loose his time
but thinks he shall see you this
winter if he can get away
Eliza is in Lowell had to stay
to do some business for Murray