The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated January 8, 1865 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            South Acton January 8th 1865
Well Jones I thought I would write a few Lines
and let you know that we are well and hope
you are well  now you must be carefull about
taking cold it is a bad time of the year to take cold
how do you Like keeping house alone  how far
from neighbors  I should not think you would
Like Living alone you would have company
Some one so if you are sick to have some one
to take care of you one year of your time is gone
I have no news to write only that they are a
cutting off the pines back of uncle Tilly Robbins
and I am very glad it will make it so much
pleasanter  here we can see all the village here
Eliza is a coming home next week we had a
Letter from her Friday  she was well and
we had a Letter from Wealthy and they are
all well but Hattie she has not been well for
three weeks  they think it is worms  some days she
will be real smart and then all down again
we had a Letter from Martha and Swift
and they are well Swift thinks he shant
come home till the 22 of February and he


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don’t know as he can come then he say
don’t Look for him till I see him come home
I suppose Henry Brown told you all the news
about John Putnam and Charlie Moulton being
dead and Zoheth Taylor died yesterday of
throat disease and Lung complaint and Mrs
Brooks has had a shock of numb palsy and
now she can talk and she know all that is
done and said now she is better now  tell
Charlie Brooks   Jonathan School is half
done and he Like the master first rate
Jonathan had a nice Book hung on the Christmas
tree and Swift has got a possum tame for
Jonathan when he come when he come home
Jones I will send you a few postage stamps and
when I write again I will send you more next
time for it is bad going to the depot for it
is all drifted up between the walls with
snow and I wish I had some money to send
I am glad you had a friend to share Christmas
with you  I hope you will pay your friend some
time you remember that good friend
tea is 40 cents a quarter for the green tea


[p. 3]
Harry Faulkner has got home from the war
but he has a got a Lady in Lowell and he had
her at Christmas ball in town center hall in Acton
Emery and James Symonds and Sam Jones
went a fishing at Nagog and caught 52 pounds
of pickerel and perch and Daniel Augustus and
Marshall Jones went to fair haven a fishing
and they catch 15 pounds and Elnathan Jones
went down to Barker ponds and set some hooks
for Little Sam Jones and Elnathan boy Frank
and they catch 7 pounds is only fishing I
have heard on this winter
Tarbell went of [off] very private for fear folks
would send things by him they did not tell
he was a going to be a Sutler in the Regimine
if I knew he was coming I would send some paper and
envelopes and postage stamps I will send more
next time we have had a choice officer in Acton
and they chose Aaron C. Handley Captain they
have got all from 18 to 24 once in every month
six hour in four town Littleton Boxboro Acton
Stow to train once in every month
they did not choose nothing but Captain


[p. 4]
write as often as you can and
I will I cant think of any more
this time I guess that Mr Dwelly
Likes trias first rate he is out a hunting
with him every few day he was out yesterday
and they heard fire him and they think he
got him Dwelly goes with Richardson
hounds and trias likes his hounds
first rate no more this time
this from Lydia L. Fletcher
Harris asked Hepsa who Lydia
L Fletcher was
Write often I will
Keep you in postage stamp

Aaron Jones Fletcher