The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated December 21, 1864 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            South Acton December 21 1864
Jones I wish you a Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year  your time one third out
when you get this by Henry Brown  I heard
that he was a coming out to the company
and I thought I would write a few Lines
to you and Let you know that we are well
and hope these few Lines will find you
well  we are a going to have a Christmas
tree for the Sunday School Children and
they hang present on that tree for them
west acton and South acton.  Erwin Fletcher
has got home from Indiana he did not
Like the way they Lived he Like the
work well enough but they way they Lived
he would not stay  Jonathan has got a
new pair of skates  we have good Sleighing
here and yesterday it rained and now
it all ice  there is no dancing School
in South Acton but there is one in Stow
and Alvin Tuttle carries Betsey Brown
Amos Tuttle has got home from California but
he is going back in the Spring


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Eliza has not got home yet her husband
is in California  Murry went in July and
I don’t hear from her  Hepsa is down to
Mary  Jones you send me word how to
direct my Letters so you can get them quick George
sent word to Mary Blodget and she
direct them Somehow to Sheridan headquarters
I have direct them Washington and you don’t
get them Henry Bray has Left Charlotte Brown
Charles Moulton fails fast he is pretty Slim
has it got to be pretty cold where you
are or have you gone into winters
quarters I wish I could send you some
Butter for I make and sell it and get
fifty cents a pound this winter we have
two farrar cows  I have enough in my firkin
and Last summer they would not give me
but thirty cents a pound and so I put it in
my firkin and now fifty I make five pound
a fortnight  Father he cuts wood and takes
care of the cattle and Jonathan goes
to School he Like the master first rate


[p. 3]
John Brown of Stow is dead
Jack Brown son he was wounded in thigh
he was buried from the meeting house
Last Saturday  I shall send a few more
postage Stamps if you want any send
to me and I will get them  did you get
that fifty cents worth that Hepsa she sent you
if you write to me I shall know what you
write but if you write to hepsa I don’t
see them she carries them up stairs and I
Like to hear from you don’t let her
know what I write write to her when
she write to you  I write this with
red ink because it is all a drying up
I cant think of much more this time
Jo Robbins has done on the railroad and
gone to teaming wood off the inch Lot
No more to night this from Mother
Jones tell me how to direct them
Swift was well the Last Letter we had
Kendall Rand say that Swift cant Leave
to come home to stay Long any way
Mother  write soon as you can