The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated December 21, 1864 from Eliza Sprague (sister), Lowell, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Lowell Dec 21st 1864

Dear Brother Jones
I seat myself this eve
in my lonely home to write you
one more letter ere this year
closes. The snow blows and we
are having a northeast storm
and everything reminds us
that a new year is a bout
to dawn upon us and I do
hope that it will be the one
that will see the close of this
terable war. We are having
good news now and I do hope
we shall continue to have un-
til this rebellion is crushed.
There has or is going to be a
nother call for 300,000 more


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troops. Acton and Shrewsbury
have both their quota full
Lowell has not. Guess they will
raise them by volunteering  hope so.
Billy Paul has been up  went
all round to Acton, Concord,
Marlboro, Shrewsbury, Lowell and
Boston,  was gone from home
two weeks  stayed here three
days  had a nice time   the
Folks was all well he said
when he went and left them
well at home, George is teaching
their School this winter.
I am in Lowell as yet and
think I shall get a way in
a bout two weeks from the
date of this letter  so if you
have anything to write or send
you can send it here before I


[p. 3]
go if afterwards, send it to
Shrewsbury for I shall go there soon
after I leave here,  you will hear
from me there,  don’t send anything
here later than two weeks from
this date, I am so glad you have
got some good shirts this cold
weather and anytime you want
any or anything else send me
word and if it is in my power
I will get it for you  dont think
anything about troubling me
my time is nothing only when
some one gives me a job and I am
always most happy to do it
for you,  Billy said you came
very near falling into the hands
of the Rebbels   you did not write
me anything a bout that
I am well and hope this will


[p. 4]
find you enjoying the same
good blessing I have no news
to write I hear from Murray
often he is well   thinks he shall
be at home in the spring
I will now close wishing you
a Merry Christmas and happy
new year and when a nother
comes round may you be at
home to enjoy it
Yours in love   Eliza Sprague