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Letter dated October 30, 1864 from Fannie Fletcher (cousin), Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Acton Oct 30th 1864

Dear Cousin Jonie
I received your
letter a week ago last Wednesday was going
to answer it last Sunday but I went to
Church and heard the Medical train
was captured and was afraid that you
were taken prisoner. but Silas B- [Blodgett] has
got home, and he said you were all right
I was very glad to hear that you escaped
Chauney Fuller came back here last Sunday
with George and took tea with us.
he is just the same as ever.
Where do you expect to spend
Thanksgiving? hope you will spend
it where you will have a turkey. You
know Thanksgiving comes in three
weeks from Thursday.


I suppose you received my letter that
I wrote two weeks ago too day. your letter
was mailed the same day that mine was.
Lucie says she will write you a
letter to day. but I guess she wont
sign her name to it. She dont
want to show her tortoise to an
American gentleman of African decent
after she has kept it in her hair
trunk so long.  she has worn
all the hair off of it looking at
her tortoise so much and thinking
of the happy time when she will
use it. and only think to have
a colored (spo so) after so long a
time it would spoil all.
Sunday Nov. 12th /64
I will make a new beginning now
and try to finish your letter. which
was commenced two weeks ago as
you will see by date
I suppose you have not received
Lucie letter. she wrote just as


much as I thought she would
but I hope she will write bye
and by
It snows a little to day. but
it melts as soon as it touches the ground
for it has been raining all the morning
and is half rain now. I had a letter
from Swift yesterday and he
says he is coming home this winter
he is well. Who did you vote for?
Lincoln?  Father voted for McClellan
Erwin has gone to Lafayette, Indiana
to work in a shoe shop.  I had a
letter from him last week.  he is
well but he says it is cold enough
to freeze out there. He dont like
the living at all. he says they
dont know enough to live well.
must be an ignorant set I think.
We are having terrible times at
our shop now. have got so we
work until nine oclock in the eve-
ning. dont you think that is keeping


late hours. George is still at Marlboro but
Lewis is in Acton.  I believe I told you in
my last letter that he would be married
soon. Well Jonie the great event came
off three weeks ago last Wednesday the 19th
of October. That was the day of the great
battle I believe when your train was
captured.  Sophia is going to be married
soon & so is Emma Robbins.
3 0clock [in margin]
Have you had any sweet cider this fall?
Father has got a barrel. I have been eating
popcorn most all day. Wish you could
have a bowl of corn & a pitcher of cider
it would go good together.
We had quite a time here this morning
trying to burn out our chimney.  at last
it burned nicely.  The fire went out of
the top of it quite high.
I am going to answer Swift’s letter to
day.  he says he is going to settle with
Carrie when he come. He may get
some more pinches if he is not careful
There was a ball at West Acton last
Tuesday evening. an election ball.  I heard
they had forty couple but dont know whether
they had a good time or not.
I have not heard from Lucie Fry lately
dont know how she is but presume you hear
all the news from that quarter
Nell is asleep on the lounge  It is most
supper time. What time do you have
your supper Sunday night? the same as
all other nights  Angise Tarbull is at
work in our shop now Warrens lady you I
know  Write me all the news if you please
I have not seen Silas since he came


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home. I suppose he has as much as he can attend to now that he
has got a wife. Henry Brown spend all his time with his lady
at Assabet  you know his
lady is Carrie Brooks.
Emery Lothrop was in
our shop the other day
he is a little better but
he dont seem fit to go to
war. he coughs badly.
I must now finish
for I have no more
room. Give my
love to Warren
and tell him he owes
me a letter  I think
he must have forgotten
it. Emery Lothrop inquired
for him in particular
I wish he would write
& I hope you will not
wait so long before you
answer this and any other
I shall expect two in and
Carrie said she would


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write to you to day. she is well and full of the old (old harry).
Please write soon  from you cousin  Fannie