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Letter dated November 6, 1864 from Hepsabeth Augusta Fletcher (sister), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            South Acton Nov 6th / 864

            Sunday Afternoon
My Dear Brother
I received your kind
letter yesterday it found us all
well we have been looking for an
letter ever since the battle it was
reported that you was taken
prisoner by the Jonnies and we
did not know the difference
not untill the returned Soldiers
come they arrived here one week
ago Friday Evening and John
called on us Saturday in
the afternoon and Monday Morning
Edwin Tarbell called and Mike
has been here they have all
been very kind to call on us
I saw Henry Brown last night
and they all had some news from you


your Brother Soliders was all
three buraid yesterday afternoon
Segt [Henry] Wilder. Corp [John H.] Fletcher. Pvt [Eugene] Hall.
the funeral was at the church
at West Acton they are layed side
by side in on grave right oppisit
of Lucian Robbins they are a goin
to have a monument  Fletcher &
Hall was members of the church
and belong to the Sons of Temperance
Lodge the procestion that followed
them was first Feltonville [Hudson] band then
the one hundred days men then
the corpse then Wilders mourners
then Fletchers & then Halls then
come the returned boys of the company
then the Sons & Daughters of Temperance
and then the citizens then the
hundred days men fired three volies
Gilman Hosmer arrived just as the
servises was about half through he
is on a furlough  Henry Brown is


coming back there again he says
how do you get along now you
have no officers who have you
promoted the boys all tell what
a nice chance you have got  I
hope you will keep it and not
have to go into the ranks again
who do you have for chums now
Johnie is gorn and now poor
George Flood is taken  I hope John
Charles Morse & Delette Hall
will be left for your mates there
is not many Acton men left in the
company now  Oh! I saw Dr. Smith at
the Funeral yesterday he is quite lame
he was with Chatman  Emery Lothrop
got Home last week  I dont think he
looks very sick the boys of your company
go to Lowell tomorrow to be sworn out
I wished you was one of those number
but perhaps it is all for the best
that you are not  they may be drafted


I can tell you one thing the
officers have not many friends
around here the Soldiers are pretty
sausaly to them it is the talk
now but it is kept pretty still
that Chatman & Blodgett are agorn
to buy a stable together some where
but I dont know whare;
Walter Gilmore & Emana Robbins
Warren Ball & Sophia Chaplin are
to be married at the same time
between now and Thanksgiving
I wish you was to be here then but
we thought we could send you a
box but the boys say that you would
not get it if we did  they say you dont
get all the Letters that we write I think
it is to bad if you cant get the mail
I went down to Marys last Saturday afternoon
and come back same day I have not been there
before since she was sick  did you tell
Reuben he might have your blue overcoat
and if so he wants to know what you ask
for it write and let me know next time
Elisa is comeing home and will bring the money
I have not had any from her you write when you get
time we all send our love to you from you
affectionate Sister Augusta Fletcher


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here is that half dollars worth of
postage stamps write next time and
let me know if you got them did you get
your picture I sent one for Dr Smith and
one of Laura did you get it


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there is to be an Eliction Ball at
West Acton Tuesday Evening


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we heard that the Gillaries “cant spell it”
hung George Sawyer [George W. Sawyer?] Father says dont you
go after forage