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Letter dated January 16, 1864 from John N. Haynes, Co. E, 26th Mass. Inf., Franklin, La., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Franklin Louisiana 
                                    Jan 16th 1864

Friend Aaron
I have rather sad news to write
you this time  William Reed is dead  He had been sick
about three weeks but we did not think him
dangerous untill after we came down hear  he came
down in an Ambulance and went to the Hospital
up Town  I did not see him after we came down as
we could not get to town without a Pass from all the
Gents in the 19th Army Corps so I have not been
out of our Regimental Quarters  I have worn out
my Boots & am bair foot now we can not draw
any shoes & I can not find any Boots for love
or money  we do not expect to stop hear but a few
days  the Reg.t have Enlisted over again for three years
more as a Cavelry Reg.t  bare foot & bare A—s who
would not be a Veteren for three years: most all of the
Boys in the Company have Enlisted again  there is
only 10 with us that have not Enlisted that is Taft
Loker M. Powers Edwards Robert Fletcher Sam P Whitney Sawyer
& Adams M. Donar & Taylor [*]  we expect to come down to the city soon & get
our outfit for Cavelry I little thought when I was in
New Orleans that would ever Enlist again but I thought
I could not do any better & then I was not agoin to

[soldiers mentioned from Company E:  Edwin B. Taft, Jonathan W. Loker, Michael Powers, Robert W. Edwards, Robert Fletcher, Samuel Whitney, George W. Sawyer, James H. Adams, James Donnar; Simeon O. Taylor]


be left a lone out in the cold  I wish you was with
us but I supose you do not like the idea of stoping
three years more   we are haveing nice weather
here now but we have had some tough times of it
for the last month we had one prety hard Snow Storm
& since then it has been all mud  when we came
down from Iberia the mud was over shoes but
it is geting  dried up now  I have just been out to find
some Boots  I heard that there are some up in one of
the Regts for $11 a pr  so I went up to get a pr but
they were all gonn  so I shall have to go without
when you write all you will have to do is to put your
letters in the Post Office & they will come all right
all the Boys are well in the Company  I weigh 140 Pounds
give me best respects to Jim Pruit if he is their
& tell him I have found that Old Gray Cat that
he throwd over the S-t- House: this from your
Friend & well wisher
write soon                    John N. Haynes