The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated December 27, 1863 from Wealthy Gates (sister), Shrewsbury, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Shrewsbury Dec 27th 1863

My Dear Brother
I wrote to you the
first of nov but as I have received
no answer I thought perhaps you
did not get it I sent you a
likeness of myself and one of
Newell and hope you got them
should like to know if you did
we are all well now and hope
you are the same  it is sometime
since I have heard from you
how do you get along  dont you
begin to think about comeing
home  we begin to think about
your comeing  your time will
soon be out


do you have any cold weather
out their  I suppost it seems
cold to you but if you should
come on north now or been here
last week you might have called
it cold  we are haveing nice
sleighing now but I have not
had a ride yet but am going
to this week if nothing happens
I have not heard anything
from home for sometime  they
were all well the last I heard
I had a letter from Hersina
a short time ago they were all
well then  Lucy Hanscome has
moved up to boston and Martha
was up to Acton on a visit
she has been up here and made
me a short visit it was the
first time I ever saw her
husband I have not seen
her before since she came up
with you  we wished you were here


Hepsey talkes of going home
with her to stay a while, do you
get letters from fanny and
george now  I suppose they keep
you posted on Acton news
I wish I had some news to
write but I am so far a way
from everybody that I dont get any
I have heard from Swift once
since I wrote you before his
head has got well but he had
a hard time of it  he said it
was the nearest that he ever came
to being killed  I think he had a
very narrow escape does he write
to you often  I had a line from
Eliza last night they were all
well and nicely settled down
to housekeeping, how did you
spend Christmas and new
years day dont such days make
you think of home they make me
think how we used to spend them at home


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well I dont think of anything more
this time write to me as often as
you can we want to hear from you
Newell joins me in sending love
to you let us know if you got
the pictures  yours as ever from
W F Gates