The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated December 27, 1863[?] from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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                         South Acton December the 27 [1863?]

Well Jones my three weeks is out
and I thought I would write to you
and not wait till I got one for always
write in three weeks don’t let it go over
whether I get a Letter or not we are all
well and hope these few Lines will
find you well. Billy Reed wrote home
to Wallace that you was a going into
the army again but I hope not
for I think you are better of[f] than
to be in the army where bullet fly
there is no danger where you are
you have not but about nine months
to stay and that will soon slip away
Martha say stay where you are if
you know when you are well used.
Martha is going home next Monday
she send her Love to you and say
she will write when she get
home  Hepsa is going home
with her to stay a few weeks


[p. 2]
We are not a going have dance School
but a singing School but I don’t
think that Jonathan will go
Mary Mead is sick at Lowell she cant
walk but little way and if she
don’t get help soon she will never
be any better Jones the trees are
covered with ice it has broke some
of them of[f] but it begin to thaw
and I am glad of it  O Jones,
Emma Robbin has got a Beau.
Walter Gillmore of West Acton.
John Temple wife has got a girl
Jones an engine blew up and killed
the Major and two other men I
don’t know who they was but the
Major only breath twice after they got
to him it blew up just above
Groton Junction.  Eliza Hayward
is dead she married Horace
Hosmer  Jones it was the
Acton that blew up.
trias is well and Milo is blind with
one eye.


[p. 3]
Jones we are having quite time
here at South Acton some irishmen come
from Feltonville [Hudson,MA] to go to Concord to be examine
and they got exempt and they half drunk
or more and then come up to Dow and got
some drink and then to James Tuttle and
got some more drink and then Edward
Harris and bought some cigars and would
not pay and then went to fighting and then
put them out of the Depot and then they
went home in cars they struck Fuller and
Fuller took them up and Fuller beat them
and made them pay 28 dollars and they was
mad about it and then they took up Dow
and James Tuttle and Ed Harris and the
Irishmen beat them and they appeal to
higher court next February the tenth day
I will write and Let you know how
they come out when it is over
I cant write much more this time
it so dark I cant keep my Line
Mr. Putnam folks are all well tell
John Putnam.   A J Fletcher this from Mother.