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Letter dated December 15, 1863 from John N. Haynes, Co. E, 26th Mass. Inf., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Dec 15th 1863
 In Camp near New Iberia

Friend Aaron
I received
your letter some time
ago in which you said
you had sent the Box &
that it was 2.25 two dollars
& twenty five cents  I might
have just as well sent more
but I did not once think
it would be any more than
two dollars but I am very
much obliged to you for
sending it & I will try & do
as much for you if I ever
get the chance the Capt
is trying to do something
about geting that money
that the Boys in the Company


lost last winter by Alotment
he took all of the names
the other day to have them
sent in but whether he
will get it or not I do not
know  I told about yours
& told him to set it down
& serpose he did;  we are
all well & growing fat
but I do not weight so
much as I did when I was
at 184 Canal St last Spring
I only weigh 137 pounds now
W.B. Reed is geting fat we
have only two men in the
Hospital now Frank Kinsley
& Link Wheeler & they are
not very sick I do not
know how much longer
we have to stop here
their had been a good deal


of talk about our being
mounted but whether we
shall I do not know  I had
as  lives be as we are now
the rest of our time  the 8th Regt
N.H. Vols have been mounted
they are at Franklin now
their was one Regmt went
from hear this morning I
expect for Forts Philip & Jackson
we have got very good quarters
that is as good as could be
expected for the kind of tents we
have got  we have the Small
Shelter tents but there is four
of us in one tent & we have
fixed them up so that they
are prety good  we have a
fire place in the tent built
of Brick so we can have fire
any time we go forageing


every few days the last
time we went we got a
lot of Chickens & Geese &
I found a nest of eggs &
brought them home with
me & made a mess of dough
nuts with them  we can get
flour of the Commasery for
four cents a pound
I think you will say what
does this all amount to
all I can see it amounts to
is that I will put .50 cents
into it to pay the rest of that
Box and am very much
obliged to you in the Bargain
this from your Friend &
well wishes  J N Haynes

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