The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated November 22, 1863 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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                        South Acton Nov 22 1863

Dear Jones  I thought I would write a few
Lines to Let you know that we are well and
hope these few Lines will find you well and
I am glad you did not go with the rigiment
for I think they will have a hard time
I wish they would all come home and
stay and if they all do as Captain
did. He fail’d or is agoing
into chancery if they don’t take
fifty cents on a dollar  they
keep it all still till they sold all
they could sell and then told of it
I should think if I had one hundred
and twenty eight dollars a month I could
pay my debts  any way, William A Lydston
Martha are up here  Willie work in Boston and
Martha will stay all Long as she want to.
Eliza has gone to keeping house and Martha
will stay with her a week Eliza lives two doors
from where Mead use too on Chapel Hill, Lowell.


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Jones, I got your Letter of 7th of Nov and was
glad to hear that you was well and hope you will
keep so Eleven months more for I want to see you
Hepsa has gone down to Concord to work in the
pencil shop with Reuben  he has got well and
gone to work and so has Emma got well.  Jones I
think you must have a pleasant chamber and
hope you will stay there as long as you stay in
New Orleans   Jones I don’t know as there is a going
to be a dance till the new Hall in town is done
that will be about the first of January and then
they will dedicate it I have not heard from
Swift this three weeks. Lewis Fletcher wife
was buried last week a Saturday Abba Herrick
this week is thanksgiving and I wish you was
here to be with I don’t expect any body but
Reuben and Mary and Emma, Willie and Martha
Hepsa that is all I don’t expect Swift. He has not
been home yet. I suppose we shall kill our
turkeys tomorrow  about 22 turkeys and
some chickens  we have got to have
another draft of seventeen more soldiers
but they wont get them in Acton


[p. 3]
we have not had any Snow yet but some cold
weather we shall kill our hogs when it is
cold enough Hepsa said she was agoing
to write this week Mary dont never
write does she to you give Mr Wheeler
our best regards we have bought two
heifers one 23 dollars the other 21 dollars.
we have no oxen the oxen we killed
for beef and we can keep more stock
Corn is 2.25 cents a bag and butter
30 cents and eggs 28 cents and every
thing is high I cant write any more this
time Jones  write as often as you can
his from Mother.          A. Jones Fletcher