The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated November 22, 1863 from Eliza Sprague (sister), Lowell, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Lowell Nov 22 1863

Dear Brother
I received your letter
Tuesday, the package Wednesday,
the other letter Friday. I was very
much pleased with it  return
a thousand thanks it came
all safe       Shall find
use for all. You said you did
not know how much money
you had sent home. I have
$143 deposited for you  there was
some for your clothes and $16 that
was lost. Do you know anything
about it? If you want any
clothes and can get them any
cheaper here just send the word
and I will get them and make
and send to you   can send free.


[p. 2]
Well, Jonsy, I have got to keeping
house at last on Chappel Street just
above where Uncle Mead lived. I
like very much. I have been at it
four weeks, yesterday I made
some Mince Pies for the first time
wish I could send you one to try
and see if they are good,   this
week is Thanksgiving. I shall not
make much for we expect to go
to Littleton  Murrays Brother is
coming home that he has not
seen for ten years,  we shall go
up one morning and back the next
Shall not go to Acton this time
ish you could be at home.
uppose you will be another year
at any rate we will have a
general thanksgiving when you
do come.  I expect Martha
up. I wrote her to come this
way, have not heard from


[p. 3]
her since   am looking for her every
day, I expect James and Mary
head down soon. Mary has
not been very well this fall
not able to do her work, James
is going home on short furloughs.
He says he has a thousand dollars
a year. He lives high and sports
it a way,  does not even give Mary
any.  I think it to bad for a young
man to go on in that way, a mans
years of labour are few, he ought
to think of that. He wont live
many years in this way,  he has
been bleeding at the lungs was sick
eight months, he will be down
again if he is not very careful.
Two years have quickly flown since
you went away and the other will
soon pass and if it be Gods
will we will have a thanksgiving
at the old red house on the hill.


[p. 4]
for the second time a soldier
has returned to its roof
we have never all been at home
together   I hope we shall be once
and may that be the time.
I heard from Swift last week.
he thinks he shall go home this
winter to make a visit. hope he
wont be running off with
any of the fair daughters and
make their Papa and Mama feel bad
or smashing any hearts while
he is there we are well hope this
will find you enjoying the same blessing
I will close by wishing you a merry
Christmas and happy New year and
may that year be the one that shall
return peace to our country and
the remaining Soldiers to their homes
we send our love and want you
to write as often as you can.
Yours as ever