The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated November 14, 1863 from Hersina Paul (sister), Eliot, Maine, to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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Eliot Nov 14 1863

My dear Brother
Don’t think I forget you
no never, I wish you was out of the army
for I think and worry a good deal about
you  I think of the danger you are in
and wish you was at home or some
other good place and wish this land
was at peace, but I don’t look for
it now for I suppose we shall have
four years more at least of War
How many times did you vote  as
many as you wanted to or not at
all, some of them voted five and six
where they could not carry it without
no wonder that Abe was elected for
they had everything there own way.
I suppose now we many expect some
more drafts soon.


I wrote to you last July and sent it
sometime the first of August soon as
we heard you had come from New Orleans
and I sent my likeness in it but I suppose
you did not get it  you did not mention it,
George is keeping our school this winter
eh commenced Sunday, Billy is at work
for Mr Brook the same as when you were
here the rest of the children all go to
school, so I am at home alone
William is doing little Jobs in the
shop now  I heard from home last
week the folks were all well  they say
Swift is coming home to stay this
winter, Jerusha and Louella was down
here in August they say you found
a pretty girl in Marlboro or one that
thought you was pretty;  is it so or not
Lewis married again to Lucy McCrackin
a scotch girl they did not say anything
about his courting then,


Martha and Nettie have just been in
they are all well William Albert is at
work in Portsmouth in a ship yard
We raised 75 bushel of Potatoes this
season some of the largest one that
ever I saw two of them weiged 4 pound
and 11 onces that is what we call big
potatoes we had twenty bushels from
one bushel of seed we call that pretty
good for a dry season  we had 52 bushel
of carrots our things were planted late
so they done better than those planted
early, we had twelve barrel of apples
that was rather slim lot for our
family but we shall make them do
do you get any apples there  I wish you
could come in and get a treat once in
a while, But I hope when your time
is out you wont reinlist again, We all
send our best love to you, and hope
to hear from you when you have an opportunity
but believe me  ever your affectionate Sister


PS  I think you must have been pretty
tired after running so fast from the Rebels
but I expect the next news I hear that
they have take you, but I hope and
pray you will live your three years
out and come home safe and sound
that is my prayer, Hersina