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Letter dated November 8, 1863 from Wealthy Gates (sister), Shrewsbury, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Shrewsbury Nov 8th 1863

My Dear Brother
it is a long time
since I received your last letter
and I intended to have answered
it before but could not get time
Hepsey went home last Sunday
and George and Addie went with
her  I expect they will have
a nice time  I have been home
since I wrote to you  was
gone from home a fortnight
had a very pleasant time  they
were getting along well at home
I thought.  I had a letter from
Hepsey last night she said
that Swift had got his head


hurt  he had a gash cut in
it three inches long and that
their had three pieces of bone
come out and their was another
part way out  he has got a
new job to work on stone
with a derrick and the gye
broke it killed one man and
broke ones back and hit Swifts
head and sholder  I  dont know
when it was done that is all
I have heard  I presume that
Hepsey has writen to you about
she knows better than I do
about the particulars  I hope
he will get well but I think
he must have a pretty hard time
of it if he is able to I hope
he will come home
well Jones dont you feel as
though your time was most


out only a few months more
and they will soon pass away
and then you will be at home
I hope; we shall all be glad
to see you and Swift at home
once more  it is a long time
since you went away do you
like as well as ever and have
as good times  I was glad you
did not have to join the Reg
again  I was afraid you would
have to but I dont think now you
will have to go back to it at
all  I hope you wont have to
Eliza has gone to house keeping
a few doors above whare Uncle
Mead used to live I dont hear
anything from the girls down
east  I dont think of any
news to write  I will send
you Newells and my likeness


we think they look like
us  I dont know what you
will think about them
do you live well as ever  I
suppose you will have a
thanksgiving dinner soon
hope it will be a good one
write and let us know how
you like our picturs  I dont
think of any more to write
this time we all send our
love to you and hope it will
find you in good health write
soon   from your Sister
W F Gates