The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated September 23, 1863 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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South Acton Sept 23rd 1863

Jones I got your Letter Monday Morning
and got your box Wednesday Morning and
was glad of things and Jonathan and was glad
of them Shirts they just fit him and they
boots he can wear them with thick stockings
we shall not have to buy him any this winter
and that paper I put in your trunk and
your memorandum book and that other book
and the drawers father took and put them
on for it is so cold here that it frose in the
tub back of the house the thickness of glass
last night  we are all well but Wealthy she is
at home on a visit she has overdone and got a
bad cough but I hope she will get over it soon
she is some better than when she come down
a week ago  she is a going home next Sunday.
Reuben has got a slow fever but he is better.
Hepsa is keeping house for Wealthy and
when Wealthy goes back she will stay till she
is better or till the Last of October she
wants to [wait] till chestnuts are ripe


you wanted to know if that net was all
right yes, it has not been wet but twice
since you went away it hang up [in the] garrit on
the line you wanted to know if Bennet hunt
much not in Acton and Charles Blood is
at Simon Tuttle where Mayhew Lived and
down here a picking his apples today
father wanted to send you some apples and he
ask Fuller how much it would cost  he said
five dollars and father said he would not send
any to you  stand it one year Longer
[Winthrop?] Harry Faulkner is at home now.  His mother
is sick with the neuiralagua in her Limbs
she cant feed herself they think she wont
get over it     Father and I went to Aunt
Elizabeth picking hops  we had a first rate
time Eliza etta is married to John How
and lives up chamber at Elizabeth
trias is well and we have to keep him
chained for he don’t come home  I have
not got any dogs but Milo and trias
Jonathan has caught in his snares 3 Skunks
3 partriges and two rabbits


I am glad Jones that you did not go
with the 26 Regiment I think I should have
staid and have good meals and a good bed
to sleep in did they give you your choice to
go or stay  they said here you would have
to go with the Regiment I glad you did not go
you fare so much better  did Chatman fetch
you a Letter    John Tenny is dead. An ox
hook[ed] him in the throat and he Lived four
days after it was done   Mrs. Knight
is very sick. They think she cant Live  she
82 years old  Charles Moulton is about
the same as he has been  did you get
that Letter that told that I got that
Money and I thank you for it Jones
Father and Jonathan are cutting up corn
today and stacking it they all do so now
I have not heard from Swift this month
Warren Fletcher is brakeman on the
passenger train at Philadelphia   he went
to work with Swift and he did not Like
and he started to come home and he got work
there and he like it much.


No more this time I thank you
for them things and we had nothing
to pay  all paid they said but I
wanted to send some apples but It cost
to much stand it one year Longer