The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated October 18, 1863 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            South Acton  Oct – 18 – 1863

Jones I commence to write to you to Let you
know that we are all well and Rueben is
better and Emma is better  Rueben has been
sick with typhoid fever this six weeks
He had a slow fever first and the typhoid
fever set in and Emma took it from him
Lewis Fletchers wife, Abby Herrick she has
buried her Boy and they don’t think she can
Live but a short time   she is in consumption
Simon Knights wife is dead old age 82 years old
Father see Ed Battles yesterday and he said you
was well and how is Charles Brooks  we heard
he was sick  don’t you go to see him you must
Mrs Brook think she wont hear if
he should die   the company has
gone of[f] and nobody Left to write
to her  you write if he is very sick
and Let her know how he is
we have got our fall work amost
done for this year. trias is well
but I have to keep him tied


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[Winthrop?] Harry Faulkner has gone back
to war and he has about as Long
to stay as you have to stay
they say he Look natural as
hogs     I had a Letter from
Hepsa and Wealthy is better
and her cough is better and
Hepsa is a coming home in
two week. It is Mary birthday
today thirty year old
we expect Martha and William
up before Long at thanksgiving
if not before  thanksgiving is 26
of November    I have got 27
turkey and a few chicken
I wish I send you a roast turkey
but wait till next year and then
ate it at home and you shall
have it at home if you Live
and I Live      I hope the war
will be ended and all come
home and not have any more
war don’t you


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I have not had a Letter this four
weeks tomorrow and I heard you did not
go with the company and I am glad you
did not you have got a good place and
I hope you will keep it as Long as you
can if you are well    Charles Blood and
Kendall Rand was here this forenoon and
Kendall is going back to Swift to work
but Warren dont like and he has gone to
work for Schouler and Charley Live with
Simon Tuttle where Mayhew Lived
Swift sent for best gun the Tenny gun.
Jonathan has been a chestnuting today
there is not many this year. The frost hurt
them  he got quart that is all.
George Fletcher did not go to war. He
want tall enough into a quarter of an
inch they has not any one gone that was
drafted they paid or got conscripts
only what was exempted   no more this
time. Write as often as you can Jones
We got the box and I thank you for
money  this from Mother to her son Jones.


[p. 4]
did you get a letter when Chatman
come I sent one with neck tie in it