The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated September 20, 1863 from Fannie Fletcher (cousin), Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Acton Sept. 20th

Cousin Jones
I received your letter last
Wednesday & was much pleased to hear
from you as usual.  I am going to
be more puntual in writing to day.
The last time I delayed writing
five or six weeks.
Here I am in the old kitchen
& here is Grandma Mother George and Nell Nancy
Johnnie & your humble servent. Nell
and Nancy  have gone out for some
grapes.  Do you have any grapes in
N.O.  A rainy Sunday. I dont like
to have it rain on Sunday for it is
the only day I have out of the shop.
I should think you would miss the


Regt.  I have not heard from Billy
since I wrote to him nor Silas.
I hope they will not have to fight
they have not seen much fighting
since there have been out there and
I hope they will not.  I should think
you would be glad that you are
not in the Regt now.
Gus has just got home from his
snares. he has got a rabbit.  He has
had quite good luck this year  has had
his snares set only two weeks and has
got 5 patridges six rabbits. Yesterday
he went a hunting and got two grey
squirrels & five red ones. we are going
to have them for supper and we
should be very happy to have you
come and take tea with you
tea will be ready at 3 oclock.
George is raising whiskers, has got
some side lights. They improve his
looks I think. as Timothy says he
dont look so green


George says he has written to you
has answered all your letters.
George had a letter from Gus Edwards
last week. I suppose he is in N.O.
now. He owes me a letter if
you see him out there tell him I
should be pleased to hear from him.
I suppose his time is most out.
Nell says that if you think she
can get a school out there she will
come out there & spend the winter
If you need an assistant in your
office. perhaps she will come &
tend for you.
I have got a very poor pen, it is
one I bought in a package.  A pedler
come to the shop the other day
he sold paper & envelopes pen holders
& pens. I bought a package and gave
25 cts for it. I should be ashamed
to write you a letter on the paper
it is so poor. but I am going
to send you a envelope so you


can see the quality of it. & I got a
prise in the package it was a gold
cross but it wont stand acid I
have not wore it yet. I dont think I
shall. I keep it to look at.
The folks are poping corn. dont you
wish you had some? I do.
Nancy has gone to work in the
shop with me  she has worked most
4 weeks.      Lewis’s wife has got
a little son so I am aunt Fannie
dont that sound kinda natural
How is your healthe now?
We have had quite a blow. I
took the apples of off the trees. father
felt quite bad about his apples.
Well I believe I have written all
the news & quite a long letter.
Please write soon
From Fannie

P.S. I send you some flowers out of
my garden.