The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated September 15, 1863 from Eliza Sprague (sister), Lowell, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            Lowell Sept 15th 1863

Dear Brother.   I received your letter
yesterday all safe with $20 enclosed
which I shall deposit for you.
I had heard that the 26 Regt
going to leave New Orleans was
glad that you did not have to go
with them should rather have
your chance if I did not have
any more pay than have to
march nobody knows where, or
what you will have to endure.
I am sorry that you are not
going to have any more pay for I
had made up my mind that
you was, and you would have
quite a heap when you got
through  never mind you


[p. 2]
will have a good trade and
something besides  you will soon
be on your last year and that
will seem short it dont seem
as though you had been gone
most two but it is so.  I was
sorry to hear a bad report of the
26th as they was leaving the place
for they are thought very much
of here dont you let the same
be said of you I do not have
any fears that it will only want
to caution you a little that
dont belong to our family of
Fletchers now a days.
Hersina did not come to see
me because I board Billy and
Daniel Paul was drafted dont think
they will go have not heard
I expect Wealtha will be at home
this week and next to help
Father eat his water Mellons


[p. 3]
I should like to be there too should
not you   if we was guess he would
not have any trouble to get
read [rid] of them, although Wealtha
is good at it do you have any there?
Mary sent me down some nice pipins
last week  wish you had a hay
cutter full down there Rueben
has been sick with a fever he
is better now she did not say
but what the rest was well.
We are gaining ground as to victorys
now.  but I do feel so sad when I
think what a state of affairs our
country is in seems as though
it will never be settled, and
so many valuable lives lost
for such a race as the blacks
but enough of this for I am
a fraid you will thank I
am a Reb, I want the thing
settled right now we are in it


[p. 4]
not have it to do over a gain in
a few years, and may all learn
lessons of wisdom from this
sad experience,  I did not want
you by all means to send me a
box unless it was all right, no never
do that you may get into trouble
be true and faithful to your employer
and great will be your reward.
I have put up a bottle of blue-
berries & one of huckleberries
to send to you if I have a
chance  don’t suppose I shall
now your regt has  left the
city.   we are well and send
much love to you,  I heard when
I was at home that you was
not very well  hope you have
entirely recovered from that
disease don’t think of any-
thing new write as often
as you can supose you have
a good many letters to write
am glad you do for it helps to pass
a way the time. Yours etc  Eliza Sprague
to A.J. Fletcher


[p 4. written across top of first page]
Murray has just come in and
says that Fort Moultrie has surrenderd
and one half of James Island
good.  E.