The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated September 3, 1863 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, Mass., to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            South Acton September the 3  [1863]

Jones, as Mr. Chatman was a
coming back I thought I would
write a few Lines and Let you
know that we are well and hope
these few lines will find you
well has Hepsa written to you
since she has been to Wealthy
she is a coming home the
first of October and then she
is a going down to Hersina
and Martha to stay till thanks
giving and then Albert and
Martha are coming home with
her to stay two weeks and I
wish you could be here and
see them  only one year more
and I hope you will be here
and not have to stay away
so Long again from us
don’t enlist again Jones


I had a letter from Hersina
they got home well and found
them well  Billy is not examined till
20 of this month but Daniel Paul
had to pay his 300 dollars in NH
Wealthy is a coming home the
middle of this month to stay a
week and when they come after
Wealthy George and Addie are
coming to stay a week and when
they come after George and Addie
Hepsa is a coming home to stay
William Hosmer was buried
Last Tuesday he got thrown out
of a wagon and got his Leg broke
and he Lived two weeks after
I have got 47 pairs of overalls
to make  I make two pairs a day
and do my work Dennis Putnam
is here a thrashing Oats Father
is gone after Bill Clark some
wood down to Jo Dole.


Jonathan thrash some and
tend snares some and
he say he cant write but
he will remember you and
send you a present of a
neck tie.  I wanted to send
you some apples or pears
or some thing but he said
he would carry a Letter and that
was all I cant write any more
this time  this from Mother
to her son Jones.