The Civil War Letters of Aaron Jones Fletcher


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Letter dated August 23, 1863 from Lydia Lucinda Fletcher (mother), South Acton, to Aaron Jones Fletcher

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            South Acton August 23, 1863

My son Jones Fletcher I have been
to meeting today Father and Jonathan
have gone away and I am a going to
write to you and Let you know
that we are well and hope
these few lines will find you
well and hope you will keep
well while you stay there N.O.
I got your Letter of August 4th
and I got some money in the
Letter and I thank you for
it we get along as well as we
can every thing high and
Leather is up  Shoes that
Father got for 80 cents are dollar
Seventy five cents a pair this year
Sugar 14 to 17 cents Cloth 35 to
40 cents a yard for Sheeting Meat
12 to 14 cents a pound and
every thing is just so high
we don’t buy much


Jones, don’t you reenlist again
but come home when your time
is out  I don’t want you to stay
out there any Longer than your
time is out  I think you can do
well here at two dollars a day
there will [be] chances enough now
Bennet moves to Feltonville [Hudson, MA] next
week he work there his wife is a
going to [be] keeping boarders
Milo and trias are well and fat
William Brown house was burnt
Last night they saved the barn
Up in Stow, Jack Davidson place
we got all done haying but the
meadow Hersina and children
and husband started for
home Thursday noon
we don’t have many apple
this year nor cranberry
nor peaches but we shall
have some pears this year


Edwin Bacheldor is 21 years
next Tuesday he is going
to Boston to Live I don’t know
what uncle Jonathan will do
I glad you have such a good
chance to stay in that store.
Capt Chatman is at home now
Father see him down to the
store. He said you was fat
and well and it is so dark
I cant see to write any more
this time Jones

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